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Below are links to all the articles I've posted on this blog over the years, about caregiving, grief, loss. and transition. Note that at the base of each post, you'll find links to related resources (articles, books, websites, organizations). As a grief counselor who spends time every day searching for reliable and current information on the Internet, it has been my experience that, no matter the topic, it is likely that someone, somewhere has written and published something of value on that particular topic ~ or will do so after my own article is published on my blog. So no matter when I post an article, I am continually on the lookout, watching for resources that are related to the topic under discussion ~ and I am happy to share links to them with my readers. When you click on any of these links, you'll find useful material written not only by me, but also a rich assortment of resources offered by other authors as well. My posts are being updated regularly with links to additional resources ~ all in an effort to provide my readers with a vast assortment of current, valid and reliable information about caregiving, loss, grief and transition. Note that every article includes the date on which it was most recently reviewed and updated.

A High School Student Asks How to Deal with Grief

Acceptance: In Grief: Aversion To Thoughts of “Acceptance” And “Moving On”

Addiction / Alcohol: In Grief: Mixing Drugs with Alcohol

Addiction / Alcohol: Mixing Grief With Alcohol: Will It Lead to Addiction?

Advance Directives

After Death Communication

After Death Communication: A List of Resources

After Death Communication, Continued

Ambiguous Loss: When Grief Threatens A Love Relationship

Ambiguous Loss: Mourning An Abusive Father

Ambiguous Loss: Mourning An Abusive Mother

Ambiguous Loss: Mourning An Abusive Relationship: Suggested Resources

Ambiguous Loss: Unresolved Grief: When a Loved One Is Missing

“Am I Going Mad?” ~ Mystical Experiences in Grief 

Helping Another In Grief: In Grief: Mourning The Loss of A Friend

Surviving A Sibling's Overdose Death

Surviving Spousal Loss: Financial Concerns in Widowhood Part 1

Surviving Spousal Loss: Financial Concerns in Widowhood Part 2

The Power of Remembering: My Grandfather's Pipe

Thin Threads: Focusing On Grief and Renewal

This Emotional Life: TV Series and Web Site

Tips for Coping with Anniversary Reactions in Grief

Tips for Coping with Anxiety Attacks in Grief

Tips for Coping with Disbelief and Denial in Grief

Tips for Coping with Sleeplessness in Grief

Tips for Helping Children and Adolescents in Grief

Tips on Sorting a Loved One’s Personal Belongings

To Move Or Not: Making Decisions In The Wake of Grief

Tragedy in Orlando, Collective Grief and Aftershocks of Loss

Transition after Loss: Tips for Navigating the Neutral Zone

Traumatic Loss: Coping with Traumatic Loss: Suggested Resources

Traumatic Loss: Needing to Know the Details

Traumatic Loss: Needing to View the Body

Traumatic Loss: Surviving A Child’s Homicide

Traumatic Loss: Surviving A Parent's Sudden, Accidental Death

Traumatic Loss: Surviving a Spouse’s Death by Suicide

Traumatic Loss: Surviving A Partner's Homicide

Traumatic Loss: Surviving A Sibling's Fatal Accident

Trouble Gaining Access to Medical Records?

Two Deposits in Heaven: Making Sense of Child Loss

Unresolved Grief: When a Loved One Is Missing

Using Art As a Path for Healing

Using Children's Books to Help with Grief

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in Grief

Using Herbal Supplements in Grief

Using Medication To Manage Grief

Using Movies to Move Through Grief

Using Music to Help with Grief

Using Story to Explain Pet Loss to Children

Volunteering: Recognizing The Vital Role of Hospice Volunteers

Volunteering: Healing Grief through the Gift of Volunteering 

What Is Complicated Grief? 

What Is Not Helpful to the Person In Mourning 

What to Say (or Not) to A Person In Grief

When An Adult Child Dies: Resources for Bereaved Parents