Monday, November 13, 2023

In Grief: A Note of Thanks, and A Message from Mom

A reader writes: Dear Marty, please accept my gratitude for your beautiful heart, and all you selflessly do to lift up and help people experiencing sorrow.

I’ve been visiting your website for over four years now, following the death of my Mom.

During the most sad and bewildering experience I will ever know, you’ve been a guide, providing comfort and heartfelt wisdom that leads me to Mom’s love, my lifelong source of Hope, Meaningfulness, and Purpose.

From the start, Mom and I were always a team. In all the good times, as well as through every challenge we faced and overcame, together.

The following essay reflects the hope you inspire for resurrecting meaningfulness and purpose in my life. Please feel free to share anything I’ve written.

I am grateful today while remembering this particular weekend in wonderful memories of years past.

While writing, singing a little bit, reminiscing, and talking to Mom today, a message arrived from her, always living in my heart…

A Long Time Gone

You no longer hear my footsteps down the hall

Or next to you along the trail we shared

When the phone rings, it won’t be me

My love remains, please don’t be scared

You haven’t heard me call your name

You won’t hear my joyful laugh anymore

Life for you will never be the same

Since I stepped through one last door

Yet, I am with you always

Dear Mom,

I am glad for your message, a confirmation of my belief that our souls are one and the same.

Now on my own, wandering lost and very lonely on the trail we shared as a team all my life, tears fall while I smile, as I look at you in photographs, and see many, so many more smiling images of you, in my heart.

In your Afterlife, as during the Living Years we shared, you are with me, always.

I am so lucky, and forever grateful, to be your son.  ~ B.

My response: I am so sorry that your mom is no longer here with you in this earthly life ~ but clearly you've found ways to keep her alive in your memory and in your heart, most especially by living a good life in her honor. Good for you! As you know, death ends a life, but the love you have for your mother (and hers for you) never, ever dies. That love, and the relationship you share with your mom, is forever.

Your lovely message touches my heart, B. Blessings to you for that, and thank you. 

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