Monday, November 6, 2023

Coping with The Holidays: Suggested Resources, 2023

[Latest update: January 27, 2024]

People think it’s terribly sad to spend Christmas alone, but it’s no sadder, really, than spending any other day alone, is it?  ~ Paula Hawkins

Once again the holidays are looming, and grief triggers are everywhere, reminding us of all we have lost.  That is why many community agencies offer programs to assist the bereaved, especially at this time of year. Your local hospice, mortuary or healthcare organization will have information about whatever special offerings and services are available to you in your community. In addition, the Internet abounds with all sorts of articles, books and tips that offer creative and practical ways to cope with the holidays.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be looking online for articles, webinars and other reliable resources to recommend to my readers and visitors, and each day throughout the holiday season I’ll be posting links to them here. Since I am building upon this list on a daily basis, I invite you to check back often to see what’s been added.

Grief During The Holidays by Shiren Noorani

What You Can Do When Your Family Is Not In A Holiday Mood by Elena Lister & Michael Schwartzman

Dealing with Holiday Grief by Genevieve Desrochers

Holidays with Grief via HealGrief Blog

Grief and The Holidays via Hospice of The Western Reserve

Good Tidings & Good Grief by Molly Connolly

Feelings of Grief May be Magnified During the Holidays Sponsored by Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

Season's Greetings by Stephanie Serazin

Grief Perspectives: Helping the Bereaved Face The Holidays by William Hoy

Haunted by Loss: Grieving During Halloween by Mark Shelvock

Thankful for What Was . . . Hopeful for What Is Yet To Be by Julie Gentz

10 Great Ways to Remember A Loved One on Thanksgiving by Codi Lindsey 

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