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Coping With The Holidays: Suggested Resources 2015

[Most recent update: Friday, December 25, 2015]

I watch the happiness of others, quietly resenting the healthy intact families finding joy at their holiday table. A tinge of jealousy sneaks its way to the surface. The holidays present another level of grief.  ~ Julie Siri

In my daily travels around the Internet, I am always on the lookout for helpful articles and reliable resources that I can recommend and share with my readers. This is especially important during the holiday season, which for many mourners and caregivers can be a difficult and challenging time.

Below are links to articles and resources I’ve gathered so far this year, which I hope you will find informative and useful. Over the next several weeks I’ll be building upon this list, so I encourage you to check back often to see what’s been added.

(For lists I’ve gathered in past years, see Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2012, Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2013, and Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2014.)

As always, if you've found something especially helpful that isn't listed here, please feel free to add it in the Comments section below.

Free online webinar on Navigating the Holidays with Peggy Haymes

Holiday Candle Lighting and Cooking via Open to Hope

Free Webinar: Getting Through the Holidays via Open to Hope

Free Webinar: Getting Through the Holidays After A Traumatic Loss via Open to Hope

Holiday Grief: When The First Holiday Is NOT The Worst Holiday by Litsa Williams

Merry Christmas Mourning (Death Changes Holidays) by Teresa TL Bruce

A Holiday Carol for A Caregiver by Elissa Lewin

10 Times Grief Made You Cry This Holiday Season by Eleanor Haley

Grieving for A Husband/ Father During Holiday Season via AfterTalk

Braving The Holidays After The Trauma of A Suicide by Kristina Cowan

When A White Christmas Turns Blue: Surviving Grief During the Holidays by Ashley Davis Bush

Perfect Christmas Gifts by Sandra Howlett

11 Great Tips for Caregivers and Families During the Holiday Season by Bob DeMarco

Holidays - Navigating The Emotional Minefield by Gary Roe

Easter Brides and Christmas Widows by Elizabeth Boleman-Herring

All I Want for Christmas Is "For It To Be Over With" by Nan Zastrow

31 Ways to Remember A Loved One During Christmas by Chris Raymond

16 Ideas for Creating New Holiday Tradition After A Death by Eleanor Haley

The Empty Place Setting--Dealing with Loss During The Holidays by Kelly Buckley

Dear Santa ... Top 10 Gift Ideas for Caregivers via Hospice of Red River Valley

Winter Solstice: In The Midst of Darkness, There Is Light by Elaine Mansfield

A Short List for Grief and The Holidays by The Rev. Sue Wintz

Feelings of Grief and Loss Can Be Heightened During The Holidays via NHPCO

How to Connect and Communicate with A Person Living with Dementia During The Holidays via Alzheimer's Reading Room

Happy and Heartaching Holidays to You, Sweet Humans by Sara Alvarado

Grief and Resilience During The Holiday Season by Terri Daniel

How To Help A Grieving Friend Through The Holidays via Grieving and Growing

6 Things to Consider Before You Skip The Holidays via What's Your Grief?

Help for Those Who Are Grieving During The Holidays via Animals In Our Hearts

Articles on Grieving During The Holidays via AfterTalk

Practicing The Arts of Tenderness and Gratitude by Bunny Bennett

The Deeply Forgetful on Christmas Day by Bob DeMarco

Snow Globe of Emotions at Christmas by Sharon Harris

Gifts From Your Child's Life by Sandy Fox

Not Home For The Holidays by Rhonda Belous

What to Do For The Holidays: Throw Everything You Own Onto the Floor by Vicki Panagotacos

Do Our Loved Ones Spend The Holidays With Us? by Christine Duminiak

The Holidays, How We Survived by Bart Sumner

Everything You Wish You Didn't Need to Know About Holiday Grief via What's Your Grief?

Getting Through The Holidays: Advice From The Bereaved by Camille Wortman

The Year I Ran Away From Christmas by Judy Wark

10 Things To Do If You're Alone for the Holidays by Laurie Stoneham

Four Ways The Holidays Can Suck by Patrick Davis

"Thanks/Giving" by Patti Fitzpatrick

Thanksgiving and Thanks-grieving--Serving Mashed Potatoes with a Side of Grief by Teresa Bruce

To The Boy Who Has My Daughter's Heart by Maria Kubitz

Caregiving: Beyond The Bucket List via The Unprepared Caregiver

The Empty Place Setting - Dealing with Loss During The Holidays by Kelly Buckley

Giving Thanks via Kids' Grief Relief

Holidays and Trauma: Holding Both by Gretchen Schmelzer

Ask ML: No Thanks(giving) by Meg Tansey

Grateful and Grieving by Angela Miller

Mournful Holidays: 5 Tools to Use by Peter Baldwin Panagore

Talking Turkey: Loss and Grief at Thanksgiving by Helger Bender

Those Terrible Holidays by Megan Devine

Assemble Your Holiday Survival Kit Now! by Harriet Hodgson

What Grievers Need During The Holidays by Larry Barber

'Tis The Season for Grief-Related Social Anxiety by Eleanor Haley

Then and Now: The Roller Coaster of Being 'Thankful' by Michelle Jarvie

Grief in Autumn: Alone and Missing You by Julie Siri

Hope for The Holidays: Grief Guidance by Marguerite O'Connor

12 Simple Ways You Can Help Mourners During the Holidays by Larry Barber

The Great Thanksgiving Listen by Tom and Karen Brenner

Candle Lighting Ceremony for The Holidays by Alan Pedersen

Six Steps for Managing the Holidays While Hurting by Gary Roe

When Holidays Bring Sadness by Gary Roe

Dealing With Grief During the Holidays by Cheryl Scott

How to Re-Invent The Magic by Nan Zastrow

The Empty Holiday Plate by Neal Raisman

7 Essential Facts For Dealing with Grief During The Holidays by Larry Barber

Crying Over Cole Slaw by Maryfran McKenzie

Helpful Tips for Managing the Holidays for the Bereaved by Gloria Lintermans

Lifts to the Heart: Preparing for Thanksgiving by Elaine Stillwell

The Last Word: Dealing with Grief During the Holiday Season by Cheryl Scott

Halloween Grief by Teresa TL Bruce

What Masks Do You Wear? by Dr. Zachary White

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