About Grief Healing

Target Audience - Launched in October 2009, the content of the Grief Healing Blog is aimed at professional and family care-givers who serve the needs of anyone anticipating or coping with significant loss, including animal lovers, the elderly, the seriously ill and dying, and those who are living with disabilities.

Purpose - This blog is designed and intended to share any useful, accurate and reliable information about care giving, loss, grief and transition, whether it is found on the Internet or written by the author herself.

Authority - The author's credentials and qualifications are described here: About Marty Tousley. If anyone finds something they think the author should know about, or if they want to share their reactions, they are welcome to contact the author of this blog at any time via e-mail (tousleym@aol.com or tousleym@griefhealing.com).

Complimentarity - All content and opinions, expressed or implied, belong solely to the author and not to any other organization, agency or institution. Information offered on this site is not meant in any way to substitute for professional or medical advice.

Privacy Policy - Names and email addresses of those who subscribe to the blog (via RSS or email) are kept private and confidential, are accessible only to the author, and will not be distributed to any third party. Visitor statistics are tracked by Google Analytics, using "cookies" to "remember" how users interact with content on Grief Healing (e.g., pages most often visited), but only in the aggregate and not in any way that could identify an individual visitor. Google does not store any personal information about users of this site. (See the Google Analytics privacy document for more details.)

Financial Disclosure and Advertising Policy - This blog is offered free of charge and has no affiliation with or support from any organization or institution. Expenses are covered partially by small individual donations, occasional fundraisers, and earnings from the sale of the author's publications. As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Grief Healing also earns modest commissions from sales of books by linking recommended titles to Amazon.com. No other advertising is accepted or displayed.

Comments While visitor comments on posts are always welcomed and encouraged, all comments are reviewed by the author, and any comments deemed inappropriate will be deleted before they are published.

Forums - Please note that our sister site (offering professionally moderated forums for grief support) has its own set of Guidelines, available for review here: About Grief Healing Discussion Groups

This information was last reviewed and updated on July 25, 2023.