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Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2016

[Most recent update: Tuesday, January 10, 2017]

It's funny to think that Christmas — a time known for its joyful togetherness — can be the loneliest time of the year for some. ~ Giovanna Fletcher

Once again we find ourselves heading into the holiday season, which for many of us can be a stressful and challenging time, especially if we're anticipating or coping with the loss of a loved one. Fortunately the Internet offers access to a variety of useful and reliable resources that can help us find our way through these difficult days. In addition, many community hospices and mortuaries offer programs and workshops to guide and support individuals and families to identify and learn how to manage the mixed and painful emotions that can surface at this time.

As I’ve done in years past, I’ll be looking online for articles, webinars and other reliable resources to recommend to my readers, and each day throughout the holiday season I’ll be posting links to them on this page. Since I am building upon this list on a daily basis, I invite you to check back often to see what’s been added.

Bereavement and The Post-Holiday Blues, by Teresa TL Bruce

The Caregivers' Resolution, by Dr. Zachary White

Moving Forward into 2017: Four Resolutions If You Are Grieving, by Rhonda O'Neill

Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Straight Talk on End-of-Life Care, by James Hoefler

New Year of Grief, by Mark Liebenow

New Year, New Grief after Death, by Teresa TL Bruce

When A Dream Is Shattered, by Barbara Karnes

Simple Gifts--for The Holidays (Holy Daze) or, If We Do Not Know Your Wishes, How Can We Follow Them? by J. Redwing Keyssar

Hang In There, by Eleanor Haley

The Grief Who Stole Christmas, by Jenna Regan

Holiday Black and Blues, by Mark Liebenow

How Can Caregivers Practice Self-Care During The Holidays? via Seven Ponds Blog

Sharing Grief During The Holidays, by Kathleen Chlohessy

Christmas Joy, Christmas Grief, by Teresa TL Bruce

Grief and The Holidays: Caring for You by Karyn Arnold

Blue Christmas...Navigating Grief and The Holidays, by Kelly Buckley

Winter Solstice: Rituals of Grief, Hope, and Laughter, by Elaine Mansfield

Caregiver Loneliness During The Holidays, by Lilly for Better Health

8 Tips for Supporting A Grieving Friend This Holiday, by Litsa Williams

Holiday Reflections on The Gifts We Have Received, by Karyn Arnold

Three Simple Steps to Self-Compassion, by Ashley Davis Bush

Loving Support for Loss and Grief During The Holidays, by Teresa Wagner

The Stoic's Guide to The Holidays, by Matt Fisher

Speaking from the Heart, by Alan Pedersen

Presence Is The Best Gift for A Loved One In A Nursing Home, by Kathleen Chlohessy

Family Traditions, Memories Help Us Reach The New Year, by Bart Sumner

12 Ways to Make A Difference This Holiday Season, by Karen Wyatt, MD

A Griever's Guide to Spending The Holidays Alone, by Litsa Williams

Five Thoughtful Gifts for Family Caregivers, via Crossroads Hospice and Palliative Care

When Holidays Hurt: 3 Survival Tips, by Gary Roe

Grieving through the Holidays - A Personal Message to Mourners, by Teresa TL Bruce

Grieving for a Pet During the Holidays, by Jordan Bartel

Holiday Gift Guide for Those Coping with Death, by Karen Wyatt, MD

Caregiving: Beyond the Bucket List, by Dr. Zachary White

The Fog of Grief During The Holidays, by Rhonda O'Neill

Beating the Holiday Blues, by Kimberly Giles

When The Holidays Hurt, by Angela Miller

Sometimes Christmas Hurts, by Pacific Myst

Holidays Can Be the Most Trying - New Tradition Ideas, by Cherie Rickard

Five Ways to Support The Bereaved During The Holidays, by PGS Media

How to Keep Memories Alive with Christmas Luminaria, by Gail Rubin

Coping with Grief During The Holidays: A Self-Guided eCourse (free), via What's Your Grief?

The Legacy Lives On at Maui Pasta Company, by Kiaora Bohlool

Grief Is A Change Agent, by Meg Tansey

Do What Will Get You Through This Holiday Season, by Christina Rasmussen

Thanksgiving After Death, by Teresa TL Bruce

Alzheimer's Care: 14 Holiday Communication Tips for Caregivers and Families, by Rita A. Jablonski-Jaudon

Finding Gratitude in Grief, by Alan Pedersen

Handling the Holidays After the Death of a Spouse, by Beverly Chantalle McManus

Another Thanksgiving, Another Grief Acceptance Step, by Harriet Hodgson

Surviving Thanksgiving: 6 Tips for Grievers, by Litsa Williams

A Griever's Guide to Thanksgiving, by Sarah Lyman Kravits

Recipes for Connection, by Dr. Zachary White

Getting Through The Holidays When You Are Newly Bereaved, by Rhonda O'Neill

5 Ways to Plan for the Holidays After the Death of A Loved One, via VITAS Healthcare

Holiday Healing, by Brandy Lidbeck

Finding the Thanks, by Mark Liebenow

When GRIEF and THANKSGIVING Collide, Who Will Win? by Gary Roe

Grief Survival Kit Can Get You Through The Holidays, by Harriet Hodgson

How to Make "Time for Family, Time for Talk" NOW, by Gail Rubin

Christmas Grief, by Lo Ann Mayer

How to Cope with Grief, Stress and The Holidays, via How to Make A Life

A Thanksgiving Grief Activity for Kids (and Grown-ups), by Litsa Williams

Grateful and Grieving, by Angela Miller

Are We There Yet? 3 Ways to Survive Grief During the Holidays, by Maryann Manelski

Don’t Let Holiday Season Stress Get You Down – Start Preparing Now, by Steve Siebold

Self-Care After a Suicide, by Brandy Lidbeck

Holidays A Challenge for the Grieving, via Home Health United

5 Ways to Support The Bereaved During The Holidays, by PGS Media

Holiday Grief and the Lessons from Tangled Christmas Lights, by Jan Borgman

Día de Muertos: Eat, Speak and Remember by Elizabeth Brady 

Halloween and Grief: When The Nightmare Is Real, by Megan Devine

Widower’s Grief: Halloween and Holy Days, by Mark Liebenow

Good Grief, Halloween! (It’s Not All Good), by Teresa TL Bruce

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