Sunday, November 5, 2023

Understanding and Managing Grief, October 29 - November 4, 2023

Best selections from Grief Healing's X feed this week:

Death and grief are not easy to talk about. Talking to children about these can be harder still. Our instinct to protect children from harsh realities means we might avoid these topics altogether. But, as we discovered in our recently published research, bereaved children have lots of questions about death and grief. 'Why did he Leave Me?' 5 things grieving children want to know about the death of a loved one « The Conversation

The Mexican holiday of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a time for people to remember those who have departed. Each Nov. 1-2, the holiday celebrates their lives with ofrendas, or altars, comical skeletons, music, dance and plenty of sweets and food. And although the tradition is filled with joy, it also comes with the mental anguish of confronting death. Día de los Muertos celebrates the life of the deceased while easing the grief of the living « American Heart Association

Interactions with the deceased, or ADCs, are reported by 30-34% of individuals. A recent study explored the effects of ADCs on those grieving a partner. The findings reveal that a majority found ADCs therapeutic, with 47% saying it eased acceptance of their loss. The study emphasizes the potential positive role of ADCs in the bereavement process. Afterlife Conversations: Healing Power in Grief's Journey? « Neuroscience News

Conversations around death and dying often focus on losing family members. But the reaction to the recent death of “Friends” actor Matthew Perry illustrates the grief that comes with losing a friend — or even just a celebrity who felt like one. Many times, this loss can be equivalent or even greater than losing a family member. Matthew Perry's Death: How Do You Cope with Losing a Friend? « Northeastern Global News

With such literal and symbolic expressions of death, it is obvious why some people are more sensitive to their grief during this time of year. Halloween is a bittersweet time for many people who experienced a death-related loss, and many of us find ourselves haunted by the past. Past or recent losses can show up like an uninvited spectral presence, which demands our attention and energy. Haunted by Loss: Grieving During Halloween « Psychology Today

"My grandchild, age 7, lost her mother almost two months ago. The other children have shown some of the 'documented' signs of grief, and I understand everyone grieves differently, but I am concerned for her, as she seems to be 'begging' for pity much of the time. She has told me more than once that she loves all the spoiling she has been getting as a result of her mother's death." Children Express Grief Differently from Adults « Grief Healing

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