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Coping with The Holidays: Suggested Resources, 2021

[Updated February 6, 2022]

The holidays can be difficult enough already, but for those impacted by significant loss, they can be a real challenge. Fortunately help is available, both online and in person, as individuals and communities rally to offer information, comfort and support to the bereaved and those who care for them. 

As I've done in years past, I will be searching throughout the season for helpful articles and reliable resources that I can recommend and share with my readers.

Below are links to those resources I’ve gathered so far this year, which I hope you will find informative and useful. Over the next several weeks I’ll be building upon this list each day, so I encourage you to check back often to see what’s been added.

Remember, too, that at this time of year, many hospices offer special community-based grief programs to guide participants in navigating the holidays while still honoring their loved ones. Contact your local hospice's bereavement services department to learn what may be available in your community.

As always, if you've found something especially helpful that isn't listed here, please feel free to add it in the Comments section below.

5 Lessons Learned From Living Through Grief by Margaret R Rutherford

5 Ways I Learned to Deal with Grief During The Holidays by Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

10 Tips To Help Cope With Grief And Isolation At The Holidays by Kelly Erola

14 Tips for Managing Holiday Grief by Kristin Meekhof

36% of Americans Don’t Feel Like Celebrating the Holidays This Year Due to Feelings of Grief and Loss, Finds New Experience Camps/Harris Poll Survey « Yahoo! Finance

45 Best Sympathy Gifts for Those Who Are Grieving During The Holidays 2021 by Taylor Bell

74 Tips for Coping with Grief During The Holidays by Lisa Mulcahy

A Son's Suicide and The Holiday Season Grieving « Robert Neimeyer via AfterTalk

Acknowledging the Potential of Holiday Blues: Practical Tips to Survive & Thrive « Alan Wolfelt on YouTube

After A Death, The Holidays Are A Secondary Loss by Eleanor Haley

Are You Struggling with COVID-19 Grief this Holiday Season? by Jamie Aten and Kent Annan 

Children, Grief and The Holidays by Sarah Audu

Coming to terms with grief: the psychological perks of Day of the Dead by Leigh Thelmadatter

Coping With Grief During The Holidays by Viola Shipman (pen name of Wade Rouse)

Coping With Grief During the Holidays After Losing Family Members to COVID-19 by Fortesa Latifi

Dealing With Grief and Anxiety During the Holidays by Deb Cabral

Dealing With Grief During the Holidays Doesn't Mean Avoiding It by Dina Gachman

Expert Offers Advice for Coping with Grief Over The Holidays by Kristi King

Feeling blue? Six faith events to help you cope with grief and loss during the holidays by Carla Hinton

Feelings of Grief May be Magnified During The Holidays by Jon Radulovic

Grief and the holidays: Finding ways to cope after losing a loved one by Gabriela Szymanowska

Grief And The Holidays by Jan Kellough

Grief and The Holidays « The Wellington Advertiser

Grief And The Holidays « RiverBender

Grief And The Holidays: Suggestions for the Griever and Supporter « Grief Haven

Grief Doesn't Take A Holiday by Janna Benson Kontz

Grief During The Holidays by Meghan Rabbitt

Grieving during holidays can be a complicated process by Rob Loose

Growth Through Grieving: The Feast of All Souls, Mourning and The Spiritual Life by Ann Schneible

Halloween: Our Day of the Dead by Mark Liebenow

Handling The Holidays While Grieving Can Be Difficult by Becca Owsley

Helpful Tips to Cope with Grief This Holiday Season by Karla Belzer

Here's What A Lot of Us Get Wrong about Grief « Novant Health

Holiday Season Support Group (Online) « Terri Daniel

How Do I Navigate Grief During The Holidays? « Santa Maria Times

How Do You Navigate Grief At Christmas? by Poorna Bell

How Grief and Loss Affect Your Brain by Berly McCoy

How Social Media Can Help Us Work Through Grief by Rob Loose

How to Deal with Grief and Loss During The Holidays by Megan Plotka

How to Deal With Grief During the Christmas Period by Saman Javed

How to Grieve Estranged Family and Friends During The Holidays by Christina Wyman

How to Manage Grief During The Holidays « New Day NW

Letting Some Light In This Holiday Season by Barbara Karnes

Making Space for Grief by Lynn Mizner

Managing Grief Around The Holidays « Shelbyville News

Managing grief during the holidays « Longview News-Journal

Managing Grief During the Holidays and COVID-19 Pandemic by Gloria Hammond & Adrienne Bott

Memento Mori — Coping with grief during the Christmas season by Javier Fajardo 

Mindfulness Can Help Us Through Holiday Grief « Seven Ponds 

Navigating Loss and Grief by David Valdes

New Year's Resolutions for Grievers « Hospice Red River Valley

Not-so-happy holidays: Navigating grief and loss during an emotional time of year « WTOL11

November Mental Health Memo: Managing Grief during the Holiday Season « South Dakota State News

Parenting: ways to help those grieving during the holidays by Katie Lopez

Power Women Dealing with Grief During The Holiday Hustle by Mallory Brooks

Preparing for Grief During The Holidays Now Can Help Later by Vivian Nunez

The beauty, grief, and celebration behind Dia de Los Muertos « 9 News

The holiday season can come with grief, burnout and more. Here are ways to cope. by Soo Youn

The Holidays Can Be Hard. Here’s How To Walk With Grief by Inna Lee

The Unique Nature of Grieving on Valentine's Day by Rob Loose

This holiday season, give yourself the grace to grieve by Mya Jaradat

Thoughtful Gifts For The Bereaved « Hospice of Red River Valley 

Tips for Dealing with Grief During The Holiday Season « Yahoo!sports

Tips for Dealing with Grief During The Holidays « Journal Standard

Tips for Finding Peace in the Holidays « Open to Hope

Top Gifts for Grieving People by Megan Devine

Veterans Day, 2021 by Marty Tousley

Ways to cope with grief during the holiday season « FOX13 Utah

What Grieving People Really Want During The Holidays This Year by Nicole Pajer

What if we shared our grief with our holiday cheer this year? by Travis Mayfield

You're Not Imagining it: Grief Is Worse During the Holidays—Here's Why, and What to Do by Jessica Sager

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