Friday, March 5, 2010

For Widows, Widowers and Single Parents

Single Dads Town - Bill McLeod's Web site is designed to support single parents through the often challenging job of raising children without a partner.  Having lost his wife (first to alcohol, then to divorce, and finally to death) Bill is a dedicated father of two children who has turned his challenging experiences of loss and transition into an effort to assist other single dads (and moms) to become successful parents. Bill says he created his Web site for three reasons: to support single parents across the country as they face the challenges, fears and joys of single parenthood; to inspire and motivate parents to be excellent role models for their children; and to provide a source of services, advice and resources to help single parents organize and balance their lives.  The site includes a Blog hosted by a team of "expert" weekly guest bloggers, enabling visitors to hear from other single parents, as well as an e-mail newsletter.  In addition, Bill hosts a weekly radio program on Saturday mornings on CBS Radio, Helping Single Parents Succeed.

Today's Widow   After a great 21-year marriage, Robin Craig lost her 43-year-old husband suddenly and unexpectedly.  Shortly thereafter she heard her own voice telling her that she had to help other widows, and with her blog she aims to do just that. Her various blog entries offer insights "to widows, widowers, those who are married to prepare them for losing a spouse, and singles contemplating marriage. Those who are divorced will benefit, as well, because they too have lost their spouses."  Robin says she is "today's widow surviving in today's world, and I am honored to have the opportunity to share and learn with you as we travel the bumpy road called 'widowhood.' The episodes of life afford a time for growth and an opportunity to reevaluate our position in it. We must ultimately decide if we are on the correct path and alter it if we are not." Four years into her widowhood, today Robin is a successful TV producer with two national daytime Emmys to her credit.  Her message to all, she says, "is to be the very best you can be no matter what life brings."

Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation (SSLF) is an inclusive, non-denominational organization working to provide a national network of support for anyone grieving the loss of someone they love, with a special emphasis on those whose spouse or partner has died.  Its focus is on hope and healing, offering its members the needed tools and resources to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the death of a loved one.  This special community offers a variety of outstanding, peer-based online programs for those who have suffered the loss of a spouse, partner or significant other, including the following:
  • Widow Match - An on-line based support group that matches widows of similar circumstances for supportive e-mail correspondence. Matches will generally be within ten years of each other in age, will have lost their husbands within six months of each other, and are in the same situation regarding having children.
  • Widow’s Voice Blog - Seven widowed people share their unique view on widowed life -- every day of the week. Visit us for a daily dose of hope and understanding.
  • Grief Chats - This YouTube-based program features short film clips on topics related to losing a loved one. Written and read by SSLF founder and director Michele Neff Hernandez, each real-life story begins with loss and ends with hope. In this clip, the first in the series, Michelle introduces the program:


  1. Hi Marty, Thank you for sharing my story and my blog, "Today's Widow," with everyone. It is especially poignant for me today, as I just returned from the funeral for my deceased husband's only uncle on his mom's side of the family. I sat there in the crowd today thinking, "Well, here's another new widow after sharing a 39-year marriage with her husband." Death doesn't end, so we can only pray for strength and endurance as we support one another in this life-altering part of life.

    Thank you,
    Robin Craig

  2. You're most welcome, Robin, and please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers . . .


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