Monday, March 5, 2018

Coping with Traumatic Loss: Suggested Resources

[Reviewed and updated June 27, 2024]

There is a light within each of us that need never entirely go out. We can lose the battles, but not the war. We can go on when our minds tell us that there is no point in going on- because something deep inside tells us we can go on. And we do.  ~ A. Powell Davies

A colleague writes: I am wondering if you would send me your best recommendations for dealing with traumatic loss. If you know any activities or rituals that can help a person heal that would be helpful. A coworker is dealing with a traumatic event and has asked for some help. Thanks so much.

My response:
There are so many resources available nowadays, and without knowing a little more detail about your coworker (e.g., age, gender, nature of the traumatic event, etc.), it's difficult for me to recommend the "best" ones for his or her specific circumstances. Loss that stems from a chronic or lingering illness, that is sudden and unexpected, or happens as a result of an accident or a fire, a natural or a national disaster, an abortion, a suicide, a homicide, domestic violence, abandonment, incarceration, relinquishment of a baby through adoption ~ any loss that produces a complex and difficult ending ~ can be considered traumatic.

Below I've listed a number of resources focusing on various types of trauma, separated into broad categories, which I hope will be of help to you. (As always, if anyone else reading this knows of any others that should be included, please feel free to let me know in the Comments section below.)

Organizations and Websites
Articles / Guides / Interviews

Books, Booklets

Specific Topics

Trauma-Focused Therapies

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