Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recommended Articles

In The New York Times column New Old Age: Caring and Coping, Paula Span encourages empathy for seniors experiencing grief and loss, Words for Seniors Facing Loss

A woman asks how to comfort her mother following the death of her beloved canine companion, Mom Upset after Burying Her Dog

BBC News Magazine asks How Much Can You Mourn a Pet? 

On her blog Gratitude in Grief, bereaved mother Kelly Buckley describes how, without saying a word, her "Wonder Dog" Rudy comforts her in her grief, in Animals and the Grieving Heart.

Psychologist/author Pavel G. Somov, PhD  offers a clear and simple definition of mindfulness in Mindfulness is Ignorance (Bliss) on Demand 

Grief counselor Lauren Zeefe, LPC, CT offers helpful suggestions for mourners in her guest blog post, Healing Grief

Author and psychology student Sonia Neale explains the important differences between friendship and a therapeutic relatonship in Why You Can’t Be Friends with Your Therapist – Ever!

Ann D. Foster, Director of the State Bar of Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program, discusses suicide warning signs in Suicide Prevention: How to Help Colleagues in Crisis

In preparation for the anticipated (May 2013) publication of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), the American Psychiatric Association has posted online the preliminary draft revisions to the current diagnostic critera for psychiatric diagnoses.  Since they were made available for review and opened for public comment, the proposed changes have sparked considerable debate.  See, for example, Opening Pandora's Box: The 19 Worst Suggestions for DSM-V and A Review of the DSM-5 Draft.  Do you have any comments you'd like to share?

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