Sunday, April 5, 2020

Caregiving & Grief, March 29 - April 4, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

In this op-ed, "Teen Vogue" identity editor Brittney McNamara explains why it's okay to feel anticipatory grief over seemingly small things during the coronavirus crisis. Anticipatory Grief Is Real, and It's OK to Feel it During the Coronavirus Crisis « Teen Vogue

There are no therapies proven to prevent or treat COVID-19 yet, but providers can help address symptoms while they continue researching new ideas. Chloroquine, Ibuprofen and Beyond: Doctors Discuss Latest Treatments, and Treatment Rumors, For COVID-19 « Michigan Health Lab

Joanne Cacciatore, PhD, a grief and trauma counselor helps us understand the difference between grief, trauma and fear. “At the core of this pandemic is fear," she says. Coronavirus: Grief and trauma counselor breaks down what we’re really feeling « Yahoo! News

We're collectively feeling a loss that hasn’t yet occurred, on a global scale. That COVID-19 Feeling? It's Called 'Anticipatory Grief' « Fatherly

When people talk about grief, it’s often in the context of death and losing a loved one, but grief is actually a natural response to many types of loss. I know a thing or two about grief and loss « Thrive Global

Collectively we are feeling different types of grief: grief for what WAS and grief for what MIGHT BE. In this article I've shared some thoughts about how we can better sit with our emotions. Thoughts On Our Current Reality: Being With The Grief « CleanTechnica

"This is about how to talk in the era of crisis-care standards," says author Anthony Back, a UW Medicine oncologist and palliative-care specialist. Doctor writes guide for discussing #COVID-19 with patients « UW Medicine Newsroom

In a new, cruel way, the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has revealed limitations in medical capacity that amplify the challenges that clinicians already face in communicating with patients about serious illness. Communication Skills in the Age of COVID-19 « Annals of Internal Medicine

Stress, fear, and anxiety are the scary triplets of these times of uncertainty. Today, let’s consider what this fear-reality looks like to our brains; how it makes our bodies feel; and the way it affects our emotions and temperaments. I’ll also offer some practical tools to cope with this rising and pervasive epidemic. Managing Pandemic Anxiety « Mary Jane Hurley Brant

I was already dealing with my mom’s death. And now a global pandemic has taken away my senior year.  Teen Grief in the Time of COVID-19 « The Grief Dialogues

Research studies confirm that the practice of meditation and mindfulness changes our brains and our lives; reduces pain, anxiety, confusion and stress; boosts the immune system; and increases concentration, focus and compassion, among its many other benefits. Meditation: Helpful to Those Who Grieve « Grief Healing

Advice and resources, by specialty, for those caring for patients. Staying Sane and Current on COVID-19 « MedPage Today

The physical separations are intended to protect our physical health. However, the two of us and many of our colleagues in mental health think the unintended emotional and relational consequences of all of this “social distancing” will be much deeper and wider unless we recognize the risk and take action. Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 « Grief Connections

How do we get people talking about their fear of dying and how to live fully now and being prepared??? COVID-19 and The Fear of Dying « Grief Healing

We are physically distancing, that’s different than social distancing, and what we need in these unprecedented times is to be socially connecting not distancing. Physical Distancing, Not Social « Schlagbytes

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