Sunday, January 30, 2022

Understanding and Managing Grief & Pet Loss, January 23 - January 29, 2022

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

We call them unspeakable losses because we do not have the vocabulary to speak about them. My partner died. Then my brother. Here’s what not to say to someone who is grieving « The Guardian

Funerals are an important way to begin the mourning process, but for many people, virtual services didn't provide the same outlet. The COVID-19 pandemic changed death rituals and left grieving families without a sense of closure « Philly Voice 

A grief expert explains grieving from the brain's perspective and why it's different from depression. The grief stages are outdated and resilience is typical. The grieving brain: How your mind deals with a loved one's death and how to heal « Today

A scholar conducted over 70 hours of interviews with people involved in the medical and funerary professions to understand the impact of changes in death rituals during the pandemic. The pandemic changed death rituals and left grieving families without a sense of closure « The Conversation

Traumatic grief is a form of grief that happens in response to a sudden, unexpected loss. The feelings that come with it are also much more intense, and it is more likely to lead to complicated grief. Learn ways to cope here. Traumatic Grief: What it Is, Symptoms, and How to Cope « Psych Central

Filmmaker Luke Rafferty and photojournalist Ross Taylor premiered their documentary, “The Hardest Day,” which captures the emotionally difficult experience of in-home pet euthanasia. SU alumni create 'The Hardest Day,' dealing with the grief of losing a pet « The Daily Orange 

Forgiveness is essential for healing and growing through a gray divorce. How Forgiveness Can Help The Grief on A Gray Divorce « Psychology Today

In countless ways, and to varying degrees, images based on our memories keep us close to loved ones who have died. Many attempts to make sense of grief, whether books, blogs, or self-help seminars, have ignored the role of human memory. Grief Isn’t Something to Get Over « Thrive Global

It ironically falls to those in the unenviable club of bereavement — people who need extra support, not extra work — to advocate for policy changes that mitigate, rather than exacerbate, the challenges of grief.  We all need help working through grief and hardship « STAT 

Sarah McCammon speaks with doctor and ethicist Carla Keirns of the University of Kansas Health Center about how best to treat unvaccinated people who fall ill with COVID-19. A medical ethicist weighs in on how to approach treating unvaccinated people « NPR 

In 2000, end-of-life therapist William Peters was volunteering at the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco when he had an extraordinary experience as he was reading aloud to a patient: he suddenly felt himself floating in midair, completely out of his body. Voices of Experience: At Heaven's Door « Grief Healing 

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