Sunday, January 10, 2021

Understanding and Managing Grief, January 3 - January 9, 2021

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Why processing the death of your mother is critical to your personal growth. How To Find Freedom From Grief « Essence  

There are birth certificates and death certificates. But this one new piece of paper has helped families deal with their grief after the loss of a baby or child. How 'certificates of life' can help parents grieving the loss of a baby « ABC Everyday

It’s a hopeful movie. It’s a film that promises a way forward to those of us experiencing personal pain. Pieces of a Woman: Grief captured and examined « The Newnan Times-Herald 

How do we begin to make sense of just what we're feeling right now as a society and as a country? Vicarious trauma: How to process grief and sadness after the Capitol attack « KCRW

Having a mom in the dying process is a challenge in itself. Having a mom in the process of dying during Covid restrictions is almost unbearable. Mom's Dying Alone And It's Unbearable « BK Books 

There are two stories here, interwoven: the story of a project called “All Things Mortal,” and the story of the dying and funeral of our friend and colleague in Transition. They are two sides of the same coin, like life and death, and joy and grief. Neither one would have happened the way they did if it hadn’t been for Transition. The Hardest Work Can Be a Blessing: Grief Work in Transition « Resilience 

Ashley Halsey: According to recent studies, writing as part of the grieving process can actually boost the immune system and can improve emotional and mental health ~ especially during the pandemic. 7 Ways To Use Writing To Cope With Grief « After Talk 

As human funeral providers increase their stakes in afterlife pet care, vets advise the reasons for using them go beyond the emotional. Funerals for Fido: as pet ownership levels rise, so does the end-of-life care business « The Guardian

It has been 10 weeks now since my husband died, and I’m noticing that I cannot concentrate on things like I used to. In Grief: I Hereby Resolve « Grief Healing

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