Sunday, January 3, 2021

Understanding and Managing Grief, December 27 - January 2, 2021

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

In A Monster Calls, 13-year-old Conor dreams about a monster, but the words he's afraid to say about his dying mother are much scarier. Book Review by Cara Olexa « Seven Ponds 

The lingering pandemic has amplified feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety for countless Pennsylvanians, particularly as family-oriented holidays approach. Coping with Loneliness, Grief During a Holiday Pandemic « Daily American

Grief is one of the most humbling and challenging experiences we go through as human beings. It is also one of the most transformative. Four Surprising Gifts of Grief « Thrive Global

Photographer Simon Bray asked each participant to find a photograph of themselves with their lost loved one, and they returned to the location to replicate the image. The project aims to provide a platform, allowing others to acknowledge their loss, and to celebrate the person they love. Loved and Lost: Grief in the Time of Coronavirus – A Photo Essay « The Guardian 

Experts share advice for mourning a loved one in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. How To Grieve Loved Ones When Funerals Aren't An Option « HuffPost Life  

Returning to work after the death of a loved one is hard. But these strategies can help you communicate your needs. 7 Ways to Deal with Grief at Work « Fast Company

It has been said that the only cure for grief is to grieve. The dilemma is how to do that under the current circumstances. Because we’re self-isolating and avoiding crowds, we can’t engage in the rituals that help us process grief. Grieving in the Age of Social Distancing « Santa Clarita Valley Signal

A video and prayer that can be used with a New Year's burning bowl ritual to welcome 2021 A Prayer for the New Year « Dr. Annette Childs 

If you've come to the end of 2020 feeling sad, lost, angry, lonely, exhausted, or any combination of the above, I promise you're not alone. We're living, as we keep being reminded, through unprecedented times that have been embodied by loss. Making Peace With A Lost Year: How I'm Processing The Grief Of 2020 « MindBodyGreen

The sorrow and isolation of the pandemic has brought Terese Marie Mailhot back to her mother's Native grieving traditions. What I Learned About Grieving During the COVID-19 Pandemic « TIME

As I dealt with loss, I learned honoring lives was just one more thing we had to do insufficiently and from afar. How We Dealt with Grief in 2020 - Grieving in Pandemic « Esquire

 NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Joel McLemore about ending his almost 17-year marriage, and moving to a new town for a new job — all in the same year. A Relationship's End: Going Through Grief Separate From The Pandemic « NPR 

In searching for a book that she could read during her time of grief, Barbara Abercrombie came up short. Every book she looked at was either too clinical or too flowery. Here she shares how she came to write "the book I needed when my husband died." Voices of Experience: Offering Comfort « Grief Healing

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