Sunday, January 31, 2021

Understanding and Managing Grief: January 24 - January 30, 2021

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Toxic positivity is the concept that no matter how difficult a situation, people should maintain a positive outlook. But being positive isn't always the best way forward. It denies people’s emotions. It makes one feel ashamed, and it makes one pile on the guilt, feeling unable to move on.  Toxic Positivity? Say It Ain't so! « Thrive Global 

If we decide to do so, we can choose to embrace Valentine’s Day as a special day on which to commemorate our loved ones and to celebrate our love for them. Grief Rituals Can Help on Valentine's Day (Or Any Special Day) « Grief Healing 

Do we really have to be unemotional about the loss in order to be “ready” to have a connection with someone new? Are we ever really ready? « Widow's Voice 

At her Zoom grief group, a daughter discovers 'heartbroken but whole people' and a human connection that crosses the virtual divide. Op-Ed: My dad died of COVID. A Zoom grief group helped me heal « Yahoo! News

How does one deal with the overwhelming grief at 14 months and 9 days....for me it is harder and more painful now. Am I crazy Marty? Coping with Grief In The Second Year « Grief Healing 

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