Sunday, April 24, 2016

Caregiving and Hospice, April 10 - April 23, 2016

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream:

A Love Letter – “You Are The Light of Hospice,” « Hospice Times

Podcast: Using the Independent Death Doula in Healthcare, « Hospice Times

Your anger towards doctors is misplaced, « Kevin MD

Do Children Know When They Are Dying? « Hospice Times

Physicians and patients must retake control of how health care is delivered, « Kevin MD

Letting Go of the Need to Change People: Lifting my Depression, « Bob Livingstone

Inside Out, « The Unprepared Caregiver

National Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16th, « SevenPonds Blog

Elder Rage: How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents, « Hospice Times

Ticket to Heaven: Breeda Miller's Deception, « You Tube

A Game Changer Film That Changes The Way We Observe Death, « Seven Ponds Blog

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