Sunday, December 22, 2013

Caregiving and Hospice, December 8 - December 21, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Series: When is it time for a nursing home? The Decision, « Kansas City Star

Dear lawmakers: Why aren't doctors involved in health care reform? « Kevin MD

When end of life care becomes a confrontation, « Kevin MD

Raising Spirits During the Holidays, « Caregiving Cafe Blog

Holiday gift ideas for older adults, « GeriPal

The Elephant in the Room—Your Patient Is Dying: A Teachable Moment, « JAMA Internal Medicine

Don't Use the 'D' Word: Exploring Myths about Children and Death, « Canadian Virtual Hospice

The One Thing You CAN Do as a Caregiver, « The Caregiver Space

Public, patients and doctors confuse palliative care with end of life care, « Medical News

The Gift of Caregiving, « Alzheimer's Reading Room

Coping with Caregiver Guilt-- Before It Crushes You, « The Caregiver Space

2013: Kicking open the conversation on death, « Seven Ponds Blog

A Family's Struggle: Dealing With End of Life, « Huff Post Healthy Living

Understanding Hospice — And Then, When The Time Is Right, Embracing It, « Cognoscenti
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