Pet Loss

Deciding on After-Death Care for a Cherished Pet

Deciding When to Bury The Body

Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Euthanizing An Aggressive Dog 

Finding Support for Pet Loss

Funerals for Pets?

Guilt In the Wake of A Kitten’s Accidental Death

Guilt In The Wake of A Euthanasia Decision

Helping a Child with Pet Loss

Helping Another with Pet Loss

Helping Children Cope with a Pet's Euthanasia

Helping Seniors with Pet Loss

How Long Before Adopting Another?

Is Pet Loss Comparable to Loss of a Loved One?

Keeping the Secret of a Cremation Mistake

Memorializing Pets We Have Lost

Memorializing a Cherished Pet

National Pet Memorial Day

Offering Support: What to Say (or Not) to a Grieving Animal Lover

Pet Euthanasia Gone Bad

Pet Euthanasia: When Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

Pet Loss: A Disenfranchised Grief

Pet Loss and Animal Communication: Suggested Resources

Pet Loss: At My Age, Is It Selfish to Get Another Dog?

Pet Loss: Cat with FIV Euthanized Too Soon ~ Guilt Follows

Pet Loss: Curious Cats Get Killed in Clothes Dryers

Pet Loss: Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Providing for Pet Care In Your Absence 

Remembering Two Precious Souls

Replacing a Pet Who Has Died: When Is It Time?

Saying Goodbye to Beringer

Sharing The Sad News with Grandchildren

The Pain of Relinquishment

Using Children’s Books to Help with Grief

Using Story to Explain Pet Loss to Children 

Voices of Experience: 7 Things Chipper Taught Me About Life and Business

When A Pet Goes Missing 

When A “Pocket Pet” Dies

Widow Considers Adopting A Second Dog

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