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Understanding and Managing Grief, June 16 - June 29, 2024

Best selections from Grief Healing's X feed this week: 

Cody Delistray wanted to get good at grief. After his mother died of melanoma when he was in his early twenties, he found, as he writes in his new book The Grief Cure: Looking for the End of Loss,“There was no control to exert. No blueprint to follow.” So, feeling frustrated and exhausted, he did just what a mourner who’s also a journalist might do — he investigated. Grief is brutal, but there is value in it, experts say. So why do we try to "cure" it? « Salon

If you’re like most people, you’ve likely heard about someone’s death. In addition to feeling sadness, you may be unsure how to respond to the news or provide support to the person who is grieving. Here are some tips from grief experts on how to support a grieving friend, family member or coworker. How to Support a Grieving Friend, Family Member or Coworker « Success

Before delivering the bad news to his children, Matt Brown had to think hard about how to tell them he had a newly diagnosed disease that was progressing quickly, had no cure and would ultimately kill him. Telling kids the truth about a parent’s illness can help ease worry, grief « Toronto Star

My daughter Erika died, and I believed that with her went all the happiness and joy life once held. From that place, I didn’t see how it was possible to ever be happy again. Thankfully, I was wrong. Of great concern to many people who are in the initial throes of deep grief is whether or not they will ever again know true happiness or experience real joy. They are experiencing thoughts and feelings that are often shocking and scary. Will I Ever Know Happiness Again? « AfterTalk

Grieving objects can provide solace, even fleetingly, after a loss. When it comes to grief following pregnancy loss, it is harder to identify such objects. It comes down to the absence of physical traces of life and the disenfranchised nature of this grief. Five objects can help real women, including me, to commemorate babies lost in pregnancy. 5 Grieving Objects to Commemorate Baby Loss « Psychology Today

"If you are wondering how caregivers deal with grief after the cared-for dies, then here is something you must know. This blog post focuses on exploring the difficulties that caregivers have to face because of sorrow when the cared-for person dies and on proposing coping mechanisms that help in healing. Enrolling in a caregiver course can also provide valuable insights and support during this challenging time." How do caregivers deal with grief after the cared-for dies? « AfterTalk

"At a time when the pain was tearing at my heart and soul, and I was trying so hard to understand the intensity of my reactions, your materials gave me what I needed. I was given not only empathy and comfort, but also intelligent, well thought-out advice, philosophy, and inspiration. Along with that came practical courses of action I could take and links to other sites if I wanted to pursue a subject." Pet Loss: Grateful for Comfort and Kinship in Grief « Grief Healing

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