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Understanding and Managing Grief, April 28 - May 11, 2024

Best selections from Grief Healing's X feed this week: 

Grief is a journey. You can move through grief without letting go of the memory of your loved one. I will focus on the “morning” phase, or the sense of hope and faith that keeps us going. Learning From Loss « Psychology Today

Many experts in the field of grief psychology no longer speak of "stages" of grief that you passively go through, but rather of active "tasks" of healthy grieving, particularly in cases of traumatic losses such as the death of a child or death due to an accident, natural disaster, homicide or suicide. Not 'stages' of grief, but 'tasks': Escaping the spiral of heartache « Yahoo! Life

My identical twin sister died almost seven years ago, just hours after she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy son. Losing Jenny, at age 37, was nothing she or I had prepared for, in the way that none of us want to imagine we will one day (or already do) live without someone we love most.  My Twin Sister Died 7 Years Ago. I Didn't Expect My Grief To Change Like This — But It Did. « Huffpost

Mrs. Breaux believes that there needs to be a multifaceted approach to equipping everyone in the church with knowledge about perinatal loss—from greater emphasis on the subject for couples in marriage preparation to more technical knowledge for priests and lay ministers. What every family grieving a miscarriage or stillbirth deserves from the church « America Magazine

One of the biggest shocks upon entering deep grieving as a widower is the realization of how ill-prepared we are to deal with it… much less survive it! Often, when one digs deeper, one finds that these widowers are in just as much pain and are as lost as the rest of us. The only difference is that they have a harder time admitting it, and just want to be left alone. I know because I felt that way for a while too. You Don't Know Everything « Men's Grief Network

"Our daughter was only 41 years old when she died of heart failure a year ago, leaving her three sons behind. Just a little over one week ago, their home caught fire and burned to the ground, taking her dog with the fire. Our almost-19-year old is having a very hard time. He is angry with God, grieving again for his mother, and he is so headstrong." In Grief: Being Angry with God « Grief Healing  

For practical suggestions on how to cope with grief on Mother’s Day ~ or on how to better understand and support a mother, mother figure, daughter, grandmother (or a dad!) in grief ~ you're invited to access one or more of the helpful articles and resources listed here: Coping with Grief on Mother's Day: Selected Resources « Grief Healing  

Forest bathing, also known as forest therapy, is a slow walk and immersion in the atmosphere of the forest. A guide helps participants to open their awareness and enable them to tune into and connect to the energy and healing power of nature.  Forest bathing aims to bring healing through grief « EloraFergusToday

Common as it may be, this strategy for avoiding pain only serves to aggravate it ~ especially in the case of alcohol, which acts as a depressant and often leaves you feeling worse. Using Alcohol to Cope with Grief « Grief Healing  

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