Sunday, December 20, 2020

Caregiving, Hospice & Grief, December 13 - December 19, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

In this time of Santa we hear the saying “naughty and nice”. Here are four “naughties” that can be turned into “nice”, enhanced experiences common to end of life. Four "Naughties" for End of Life « BK Books 

With employees emotionally drained and residents suffering from loss, many nursing homes and assisted living centers are working with chaplains, social workers and mental health professionals to help residents and staff, and bringing in hospice providers to offer grief counseling, among other strategies. Prayers and Grief Counseling After COVID: Trying to Aid Healing in Long-Term Care « Kaiser Health News

Until you are front row at a funeral, you may not know how to support someone. It’s completely normal not to know your place when supporting someone, especially during COVID-19. Here are some ways that can help.  How to support the grieving in 2020 « Grosse Pointe News 

In preparing for dealing with loss over the holidays, it is helpful to plan for ways you can alleviate intense emotions ~ especially when your kids are grieving, too. How to Cope With Grief as a Parent « Motherly 

People being unable to gather or see the bodies of people who died of COVID-19 is having profound psychological effects that will last for years, says psychologist Christy Denckla of Harvard. Why Funerals Are Fundamental To Processing Grief « NPR Articles | Houston Public Media

The coronavirus crisis has not only ushered in new ways of working, but new ways of being, relating, and managing at work as we deal with grief and loss. How we're helping our employees cope with the pandemic « Fast Company

The constant attention to another's needs, over time, often becomes a core part of a caregiver's identity. After caregiving, the primary caregiver often loses the means to fill all the empty time. The void can feel like a giant hole that has no earthly bottom. It is not uncommon for caregivers to feel guilty or depressed, confused over one's identity and purpose in life, and even lonely. Rebuilding your life after caregiving « ABC11 Raleigh-Durham 

People being unable to gather or see the bodies of people who died of COVID-19 is having profound psychological effects that will last for years, says psychologist Christy Denckla of Harvard. Psychologist On Why Funerals Are Fundamental To Processing Grief « NPR 

I am searching throughout the season for helpful articles and current, reliable resources that I can recommend and share with my readers. Here are links to those resources I’ve gathered so far this year, which I hope you will find informative and useful. Coping with The Holidays ~ Suggested Resources 2020 « Grief Healing

My father passed away last July. My mother is 73 and struggling . . . The person that I described is not the mother I used to have, and I don't know how to help her. In Grief: Worried About Widowed Mother « Grief Healing

I thought that being a widow, and the loneliness and heartache in 2015 would be my worst year.  But the loneliness, isolation, and fear of the pandemic has brought back all the fears of the loss of my dearly loved spouse in spades!  The pandemic has made fear into a pervasive aura that cannot be assuaged.  Grieving The Loss of 2020 « Thrive Global

We have or will face the game with Grief at some time in life. Let’s talk about how to play that game and win . . . If you lose you could pay with your life. But if you win, you could play with life for the rest of your life. The risk is dizzyingly high…but so is the prize. So here is what I have learnt so far. How To Defeat Grief « The Good Men Project 

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