Sunday, May 10, 2020

Caregiving & Grief, May 3 - May 9, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Optimal strategies for helping people develop new rituals to remember those who die during the COVID-19 era: Death, Grief and Funerals in the COVID Age « COVID White Paper

In the midst of a global pandemic, this day might actually feel a bit more aligned with what I want it to be. A Widowed Mother's Day à la COVID-19 « Modern Loss

You know what grief equations are, don’t you? They are questions like: "How Old Would She be Now?" and Other Grief Equations « What's Your Grief?

“After my husband died, I couldn’t even tie my shoes,” says Emma Payne, founder of Grief Coach. “The fact that I was expected to go back to work was unthinkable.” The burden of bereavement: Grief is the latest challenge for employers in the coronavirus era « Employee Benefit News

If Maslow was right about the ability to live in the present moment being a component of mental wellness, and if all of those writers, meditators and therapists preaching mindfulness are also on to something, then our moment, our now, seems a bit more sacred. Smacking Sharks « Grief Watch

The unprecedented crisis caused by the novel coronavirus has left us with an equally unprecedented set of unfamiliar emotions. What Is This Feeling? New Pandemic Emotions « Grief Watch

When my father died, of leukemia, as the coronavirus pandemic accelerated, my family and I became members of a vanguard that we’d never aspired to join. Reinventing Grief in an Era of Enforced Isolation « The New Yorker

My late brother would have been extremely susceptible to the virus that has upended our lives. But don’t tell me to be grateful that he’s gone. The Grief Cliché of the COVID Era « Modern Loss

It has been 28 years since my mom passed and to provide for new survivors what I never had is a gift. A gift to them and to myself. To them, I represent hope. Full Circle by Brandy Lidbeck « The Gift of Second

Palliative care is a misunderstood medical specialty. Diane Meier wants to set the record straight. Palliative Care: ‘The Secret Weapon Hiding In Plain Sight’ « Forbes

"I lost my husband 2 months ago. I am 26. He was 24. We were married for only 8 months before this tragedy struck. He and a friend died in a hiking accident." In Grief: Young Widow Seeks Support « Grief Healing

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