Sunday, May 3, 2015

Understanding and Managing Grief, April 26 - May 2, 2015

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

After a spouse's suicide: Scared of the Anger, « Widow's Voice

Tips for Who Should Be In Your Grief Support System, « GriefMinisterDotCom

5 Things to Do Before Visiting a Psychic Medium, « Modern Loss

Coping With Caregiver Grief and Alzheimers Disease, « HuffPost 50

Spending Mother's Day with Ghosts: Mother's Day Grief, « What's Your Grief?

Gender matters in grief: Fixing A Hole, Grieving with Other Men, « Grief Digest Magazine

Teen Coping with the Death of a Parent, « Self-Healing Expressions

The Purpose of Grief, « Widower's Grief

Healing Rituals Help A Grieving Family, « Grief Healing Blog

Suicide Grief Is Unique Because Death By Suicide Is Unique, « Grief After Suicide Blog

In grief : Count on This, « Widow's Voice

Dr. Robert Neimeyer Q and A on being alone, and the best things to say to the bereaved, « AfterTalk

Consoling A Bereaved Parent, From A Distance, « Grief Healing Blog

The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey, ebook by Marty Tousley, « Healing eBooks

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