Voices of Experience

Writing is one of the oldest methods of self-exploration, self-expression and self-discovery ~ and as such, it can serve as a powerful and effective tool for healing in grief. The titles listed below are links to the guest posts that have appeared from time to time on this blog, reflecting the authors' personal experiences of loss. I am grateful to these bereaved individuals for their willingness to open their hearts and share their innermost thoughts and hard-won wisdom with our readers.

7 Things Chipper Taught Me About Life And Business by Tom Simon

A Toddler In The World of Grief by Harry Proudfoot

Anticipatory Grief Poem ~ "Edge of Day" by Bill Scott

Delayed Grief by Craig Moberg

Even When I Am Afraid: Trusting Times of Inner Darkness by Charles W. Sidotoi

Everyone Grieves Differently by Maria Kubitz

For Those Whose Grief Is Relatively New by Harry Proudfoot

Grief and Depression: Are They Different? by Elaine Mansfield

Grief, 44 Long Months Later by Mary Friedel-Hunt

Growing A New Heart by Harry Proudfoot

He Died Two Years Ago

Healing Rituals Help A Grieving Family by Elaine Mansfield

Helen's Christmas Gift by Bill Whittaker

How Grief Can Affect Your Health by Anne Gorman

In My World, Superman by Lisa Rosendahl

Just Let Me Be Sad by Maria Kubitz

Learning To Be Happy Again by Maria Kubitz

Looking Back by Anne Gorman

Me? Need a Hospice Grief Counselor? No Way

My Brother's Love Became My Angel

My Second Chapter: Life, Marriage, Family by Michelle Jarvie

"No One Told Me My Mother Had Died" by Barbara Donsky

On Dating A Girl Without A Mother by Jenna Rose Lowthert

Prayer for Safety ~ A Pastor's Response by Michelle Jarvie

Reconnecting and Healing with Nature ~ T. Roosevelt and Me by Michelle Jarvie

Reflections for a Grieving Heart by Anne Gorman

Sacred Presence, Silent Compassion by Joyce Marie Sheldon

Soul Hunger in Love and Loss by Harry Proudfoot

Standing Up for What You Need When Grieving by Michelle Jarvie

Stepping Down by Marianne Monson

The Empty Chair by Mary Friedel-Hunt

The Fire Circle of Healing by Mary Friedel-Hunt

The Irony and Inconsistency of Grief by Charles W. Sidoti and Rabbi Akive Feinstein 

The Labyrinth of Grief by Mary Friedel-Hunt

The Porcelain Starfish by Deborah Hare

The Power of Remembering: Grandfather's Pipe by Benjamin Tousley

The Ring by Harry Proudfoot

The Stethoscope: A Link to Past, Present and Future by Harriet Hodgson

The Tragedy in Newtown, CT by Harry Proudfoot

The Trouble With Triggers by Harry Proudfoot

The Weight of Things Un-named by Joel McKerrow

The Voice on the Answering Machine by Linda Campanella

Unending Circle by Amy Willard

What I've Learned from Grief

When Narrative Heals by Katherine Thome

Wonder by Kathie Brumbaugh

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