Sunday, February 11, 2024

Understanding and Managing Grief, February 4 - February 10, 2024

Best selections from Grief Healing's X feed this week:

Advances in neuroimaging are helping people better understand psychological reactions and responses to grief. Just as someone is changed by the arrival of a loved one into their life, they are altered by their departure. Grieving isn’t the problem: It is a solution, hardwired to help individuals navigate the pain of loss. What We Get Wrong About Grieving « Psychology Today

Cognitive dissonance occurs when a loved one remains in our heart and memory yet is gone forever. Meditation and progressive muscle relaxation can help reduce symptoms of grief and loss. Advances in Grief and Loss Recovery « Psychology Today

Experts emphasize that grief is not a linear process, nor does it follow a predetermined timeline. Overusing "should" statements during grief creates restrictive rules, leading to self-blame. Replace rigid "shoulds" with self-reflection, questioning negative thoughts. Breaking the Chains of “I Should” During Grief  « Psychology Today

Loss is ubiquitous. As time and circumstance dictate, we are all destined to have people, jobs, abilities, and belongings fall away from our lives. Grief accompanies such losses as we come to terms with the gaps between what was and what now is. What if, within all its aches and agonies, there is such a thing as good grief? Is There Such a Thing as Good Grief? « Psychology Today

"I'm 25 years old, and I lost my mother in a surprising, tragic accident about 1 week ago. I was devastated for days, but now I don't feel much of anything... I feel saddened and confused, and I don't really know what to do... nothing feels important - but it is as if I should be feeling much worse . . ." In Grief: When A Tragic Accident Takes A Mother's Life « Grief Healing 

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