Sunday, September 18, 2022

Understanding and Managing Grief, September 11 - September 17, 2022

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

From curling up in a ball to shaking to feeling disconnected grief gets into every fibre of our being. Psychotherapist and grief counsellor Julia Samuel has this self-care advice - including why exercise is so important. What is the best thing to do for grief? « Get The Gloss

Western society wants you to be done with your grief and mourning posthaste. Get in, get out, and move on with your life. Those around you might give you a year, tops, before assuming you’ve made your peace with the loss . . . but Alan Wolfelt, a world-renowned grief educator and founder of Center for Loss and Life Transition, knows that’s far from the truth. Live Well: Slow down grieving, mourning process « The Gazette

With Queen Elizabeth's passing, the notion of collective grief is being discussed. But what does that mean, and how does it impact people differently? What Is Collective Grief? And Does Public Mourning Help Us Heal? « POPSUGAR Fitness

Many will no doubt be feeling somewhat confused about the strength of their grief for someone they likely hadn't met, others will be seeking solace with people, and to a certain extent validation, that how they are feeling is ok. Queen's death: How to deal with feelings of collective grief « Yahoo! News 

Losing a pet is not easy for most people. Pets — or what researchers call companion animals — are most often seen today as a fellow member of the family. It is not surprising then to learn that most people grieve a pet’s passing as much, and sometimes even more, than the passing of a human friend or family member. Losing a Pet Can Be Just as Hard as Losing a Loved One « Psych Central

Though the Queen missed several public engagement due to ill health in recent months, the loss of our monarch still came as a collective shock that brought about feelings of disorientation and distress to the forefront of our thoughts. And now the National Bereavement Alliance has warned that many of us may be experiencing ‘reawakened grief’ after Queen Elizabeth II’s death: ‘During times of public mourning, feelings of private grief or personal bereavements often come to the surface,’ they said. ‘This can feel surprising or confusing, but it is very normal.’ What’s Reawakened Grief – And Why Are Some Of Us Experiencing It After Queen Elizabeth II’s Death? « Grazia 

In his new podcast All There Is with Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor reveals a personal struggle -- part of his life he has rarely talked about before. Cooper began recording the podcast alone while packing up the apartment of his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, two years after she died in 2019 at the age of 95. Anderson Cooper explores loss and grief in new podcast « CNN 

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has plunged the royal household and much of the country into a period of mourning, with black armbands and flags at half mast. While such traditions may seem far removed from everyday experiences of bereavement, experts say rituals can help us cope with death and process loss. Mourning rituals help people cope with grief, say scientists « The Guardian 

Having experienced the loss of loved ones both before and during the pandemic, author Linda Donovan has developed compassionate and practical ways to help guide people through these challenging times and beyond. Her book Beyond Loss in a Pandemic: Find Hope and Move Through Grief After Someone Close to You Dies provides a comprehensive road map for healing after loss. Voices of Experience: Beyond Loss in a Pandemic « Grief Healing 

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