Sunday, March 7, 2021

Understanding and Managing Grief & Pet Loss, February 28 - March 6, 2021

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Zoe’s death has rocked me because it is a marker. A reminder that time is the most relentless force in the universe: that no matter what we do, its thievery marches on. Love Persevering « No Mercy / No Malice 

In my many years of moderating an online pet loss forum, far too often I have heard from pet parents whose precious cat or kitten has died after being trapped in a clothes washer or dryer. It happened AGAIN! Pet Loss: Curious Cats Get Killed in Clothes Dryers « Grief Healing

Grief and trauma experts explain how experiencing waves of tragedy is different than one singular traumatic event, and how we can heal. We’re All Accumulating 'Grief Debt' Right Now—Will We Ever Be Able to Repay It? « WELL + GOOD

Distance from the dying and from other mourners can make symptoms of grief more severe and longer lasting. Grieving Is Hard. Grieving During A Pandemic Is Even Harder. « LAist 

Most children and teenagers are innocently oblivious of all the difficulties that life may bring. So, when something earth-shattering happens, such as losing someone they love or know, it can be hard for them to process. How to Help Kids and Teens Deal with Grief « AfterTalk

"I don't have a mother now. I will have to mother myself and I think I learned how to do that in those last days with my mom. I truly loved her unconditionally." In Grief: The Power of Forgiveness « Grief Healing 

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