Sunday, September 6, 2020

Understanding and Managing Grief: August 30 - September 5, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Hospice nurse Barbara Karnes receives a question from a follower whose father is in hospice care. The family was told 2 weeks ago that the father's death was imminent but he hasn't died. They have questions about what to do next. Dad is dying. Give him fluids? « YouTube

I’m not going to ‘hurry’ the grief for my mother. I’m going to let people join me on this journey. And I’m going to reach out whenever possible to friends who are grieving silently, putting on a happy face to prove to the world that they’re over ‘it’. You Can’t Hurry Grief « Grief Watch

As widows and widowers, we often internalize the comments and actions made by family and friends that offend us. This can strain relationships and cause families to grow apart. Instead of assuming you know what we need from you, we thought it only fair to share what many of us found to be the most helpful: Widows Share How Family and Friends Can be of Help « Grief Watch

Suicide-Loss is such a unique type of grief. Our experience feels very different and isolating than other losses we may have experienced before this. See if you can relate to this 3-minute cartoon video in your own grief.  Suicide Prevention Awareness Month « The Gift of Second

As emotional instability increases, a person will start to look for external sources to hold what is making the person feel emotionally uncomfortable. This is natural as the brain is seeking for the sources that are causing the discomfort. Emotional Healing: Blame Vs. Accountability In Loss And Grief « Los Alamos Daily Post

Members of the public in search of therapists will need to become educated consumers, to ask their therapists what specific training they have on the topics of death and grief and what treatments they will offer. Grief and Loss: Will Therapists Be Able to Help? « Psychology Today 

When someone dies from their addiction, it is easy to worry that addiction is what will define their memory. You Died of an Overdose; You're Remembered for a Million Other Things « What's Your Grief?

If ever there is a time when you’re entitled to ignore the rules of etiquette, or a time when immediate thanks is neither expected nor required, it is when you are in mourning.  When Words Matter: Tips on Writing Sympathy Thank-You Notes « Grief Healing 

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