Sunday, July 21, 2013

Caregiving and Hospice, July 14 - July 20, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Dr. Lanileary Web: Being with one who is dying, « YouTube

What is Spiritual Care for the Ill, Dying and Bereaved? « Seven Ponds Blog

Nurse Practitioners: In the Doctor's Office, a Neglected Resource, « New York Times

July Mind, Beginner's Mind: Teaching Imminent Death, « GeriPal

Helpful! Managing symptoms in the heat of summer for hospice patients, « Caring with Confidence

DeathCafé: Breaking the taboo on mortality with coffee and biscuits, « The Spectator

Basic ground rules for end-of-life planning with patients, families, « MedPage Today

Leaving Traces: On how you'll be remembered, « Get Your Sh*t Together

Heartwarming! First dementia dogs start work helping owners, « BBC News

End-of-life planning improves quality of life for dying patients, reduces stress for families «

Straight talk needed to choose health care at the end of life, « Harvard Health Publications

Wonderful! Children befriending terminally ill people to learn about death, « BBC News

'Catholic' Hospitals vs. Hospitals: Rediscovering the Difference, « Huffington Post

Free to Be Our True, Fumbling Selves, « Maria Shriver

Nelson Mandela's Illness Highlights Need for Palliative Care, « ABC News

How palliative care prolongs life, reduces suffering, « USA Today

Helping with transitions: When Chronic Conditions Become Terminal, « Huffington Post

How To Shop For A Funeral, « Forbes 

Outstanding! Acceptance: The First Law of Spirit, « Huffington Post

Near life's end, hospice social workers are guides in dying process, « Missoulian

When Loved Ones and Patients Don’t Choose Life, « AJN

Public dying: End-of-life care for a political icon, « eHospice

'Dementia village' inspires new care, «

Ellen Goodman: End-of-life conversations are critical «

End-of-life conversation guide to help docs talk with patients, « Scope

Hallmark Announces Cards for Terminally Illnesses, « SevenPonds Blog

Keeping Sane as a Caregiver, « Caregiving Cafe Blog

The art of puree for hospice patients, «  Caring with Confidence

Lessons learned from caregiving, « Caregiving Cafe Blog
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