Understanding and Managing Grief, August 25 - August 31, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Well said! "Grief: I Want To Be Seen, I Want To Be Heard but I Don't Need To Be Fixed," http://j.mp/18tg7am « Stop Thief: Don't Steal My Grief

Friday Favorites: Grief Articles, http://j.mp/175F8ac « What's Your Grief?

Funny and sad and wonderful: Corn Nuts, http://j.mp/1foilLT  « Widow's Voice

Voices of Experience: Delayed Grief, http://j.mp/KQxtWn « Grief Healing Blog

Wonderful idea! Write a Legacy Letter Today! http://j.mp/15BZ882 « Huffington Post

Using Memory-Building To Cope With The Death Of Your Loved One, http://j.mp/17m4KnC « Lou LaGrand, Ezine Articles

Tips for Coping with Sleeplessness in Grief, http://j.mp/hkoXnZ « Grief Healing Blog

The Power of Words, http://j.mp/1dQaQQ7 « Creative Grief Studio

Before the Five Stages: Bowlby's FOUR Stages of Grief, http://j.mp/19Nro8O « What's Your Grief?

Recommended by the bereaved, for the bereaved: Grief Bibliography, http://j.mp/9J8Wa4 « Grief Healing Blog

The Best Kids Movies About Loss, Death and Grief,  http://j.mp/14DrS0z « eFuneral

How Culture Stops Mourners From Healing, http://j.mp/1dqmdAq « GriefMinisterDotCom

Death can be a holy moment...even at birth, http://j.mp/1dqiVx7 « It's OK to Die

“Like a River”: Painfully Real Memorial Service Song for Mother Loss,  http://j.mp/12I0eOB « SevenPonds Blog

Going Back to School After a Death: 9 Tips, http://j.mp/15cpoZm « What's Your Grief?

Self-care in grief: Running Toward a Solution, http://j.mp/18W6ovp « Hello Grief

How stories help sick kids get better, http://j.mp/15qhXuM « Star Tribune

Scripting: A simple back-to-work strategy tor establish boundaries after a death, http://j.mp/19UCQmh « The Solacium Group

Grief Healing: Voices of Experience: Just Let Me Be Sad, http://j.mp/18fyGyS « Grief Healing Blog

Phoenix ~ getting through the veil of sadness http://j.mp/17Y1SeG « Widow's Voice

Weekend Edition: August 25, 2013 with thanks for the mention! http://j.mp/1c6IEGR « What's Your Grief?

Grief Support Online: What Are the Benefits? http://j.mp/U4Ha59 « Grief Healing Blog

Choosing Life in Surviving the Death of a Child, http://j.mp/1deVKor  « I Have No Intention of Saying Good-bye
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