Sunday, August 21, 2022

Understanding and Managing Grief, August 14 - August 20, 2022

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Grieving is learning as our brains adjust to a profound change. In grief, our brains must rewire to function in a world minus our loved one. By avoiding painful feelings, you do not give your brain the opportunity to learn to manage them. Rewiring the Brain in Grief « Psychology Today 

Social healing rabble-rouser Marisa Renee Lee shares 5 key insights from her new book, Grief Is Love: Living With Loss « Next Big Idea Club

"My mother passed two hours after being given a second shot of morphine and sedative. It was my fault. I panicked thirty minutes after the first dose. I thought my mom’s breathing should have been slowing down after the first shot so I called the nurse and asked if Mom could have a little more." "I Feel Your Death Is My Fault. I'm Sorry I Let You Die" « BK Books 

Who really was the deceased? What we learn post-death may challenge our view. These challenges, at their more severe, can create a kind of relational trauma that can complicate grief. The Shock of Learning New Information After a Death « Psychology Today 

"At the age of 47, I have suddenly lost the most significant person in my whole life. He was my first and only true love. I just cannot go on . . . Please help me. Please tell me he waits for me. I only had 4 years with this man and I want more." Coping with Longing in Grief « Grief Healing

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