Sunday, August 9, 2020

Understanding & Managing Grief, August 2 - August 8, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Peter was my husband, my companion, and my very best friend. We shared a home, a bed, and a most wonderful life for 20 years. Unbeknownst to me for all of those years, he was — and is — gay. My Disenfranchised Grief When I Discovered My Husband Is Gay « Seven Ponds Blog

The Blue Butterfly Theatre program helps young people cope with grief through theater activities. Florida Studio Theatre eases grief through theater « Sarasota Herald-Tribune

How do you describe the life of a child you never knew? Verbs of My Grief « Human Parts

Researchers have examined what's currently known about the neuroendocrine effects of grief and whether biological factors can predict complicated or prolonged grief after the death of a loved one. Identifying potential markers of neuroendocrine activity associated with grief « News Medical Life Sciences

The way your brain and body initially react to the trauma may confuse you. But there is no incorrect way to respond to loss. Don’t judge yourself. 3 Lessons on Loss and Grief « Psychology Today Canada

We need to learn how to be comfortable in grief without drowning. Watch out for the undertow. Be careful about other people pulling you under. Learn your limits and know when to come up for air. Moments of laughter and joy help us catch our breath. Learning to Float in Grief « GriefWatch

The day my 4-year-old daughter drowned, I was unwillingly thrust into this watery journey. For months on end, the giant waves of grief would crash over me and shove my body under the water where I choked on anguish and despair. Adrift in A Sea of Grief « GriefWatch

"I am a hospice bereavement counselor, and as you can imagine, things have been difficult since the sudden, unexpected death of my husband . . . Do you have any thoughts? I don't have to work but I love working. This has to be the worst job in the world to return to after losing a spouse." Newly Widowed Grief Counselor Seeks Advice « Grief Healing

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