Sunday, February 16, 2020

Understanding and Managing Grief, February 2 - February 15, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream:

The celebrities we admire often function as blank screens that we project fantasies of ourselves on as heroes, saviors, or romantic figures. A grief educator explains why the death of a celebrity feels like a personal loss, and what we can do about it, « Business Insider

To experience the richness of life once again, we need to grieve. Closure May Be a Myth, but Grief is a Necessity, « P.S. I Love You

Belleruth Naparstek of Health Journeys responds to an interesting question from Patty. ASK BR: Dealing with IBS & Fear of Dying « YouTube

February 14 can be a difficult day for those of us who are grieving, and for some it will be the first Valentine’s Day since our precious Valentine died. For us there is no celebration; there is only grief. Grief Rituals Can Help on Valentine's Day (Or Any Special Day), « Grief Healing

No doubt, the human heart can love again without diminishing the love one first experienced with a now-deceased mate. Do Widowers Make Good Husbands? « National Widowers' Organization

Poet David Whyte: The grief of losing a loved one: the need to walk, to remember, to heal when you cannot heal; to remember what you do not wish to remember. Voices of Experience: Winter Grief, « Grief Healing

I can look at dying rather objectively (that is if I will look at the subject at all). But with children our objectivity and detachment seem to vanish. DYING CHILDREN, How Much Do They Know? « BK Books

"My dad passed away this past June, so I am looking for resources to help me on my journey." In Grief: Coping with Father Loss, « Grief Healing

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