Sunday, July 9, 2017

Understanding and Managing Grief, July 2 - July 8, 2017

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

When Sobriety Meets Grief (and grief meets sobriety), « What's Your Grief?

When your dearly departed loved one was a bit of a devil, « The Fresno Bee

Waters of the New Normal: Developing Resilience After Son's Suicide, « Michelle Jarvie

Monthly Tip: Renting a Food Truck for a Funeral, « Seven Ponds Blog

Jon Underwood, Founder of the Website Death Cafe, Has Died, « Seven Ponds Blog

Last Moments With Mom, « Widower's Grief

Do hate crimes bear a special kind of grief? « Refuge In Grief

The Reason Grief Feels Eternal, « The Five Facets

Run from the Grief Counselor’s Office If You Hear These Statements, « GriefMinisterdotcom

Being There: What to Say and Do in the Aftermath of Loss, « Option B

Flooded, and Trying to Swim, « Soaring Spirits International

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