Sunday, July 20, 2014

Understanding and Managing Grief, July 13 - July 19, 2014

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Forgiveness in Grief, « Alive in Memory

Hope and Healing at Camp Widow, « Widow's Voice

When Life Dishes Out the Unexpected – and it Always Does, « Ashley Davis Bush, LICSW

Stunning, raw, powerful: Autopsies. « The Manifest-Station

Sadness: You're Doing It Wrong (Why I'm Mad at Crying), « HuffPost Healthy Living

At The Compassionate Friend's national conference, Love Trumps Grief, « The Grief Toolbox

Keepsake Hand- or Footprints: Clay Impression Kits, « Caring Wisdom™

'Til Death Do Us NOT Part: 5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Deceased Spouse, « Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW

Grief Healing's online ecourse on Coping with Loss offered at a special discounted price until July 31, « Self-Healing Expressions

Grieving the Loss of Addiction, « Psych Central

64 Things We Learned at The Compassionate Friends National Conference, « What's Your Grief?

Making Promises: What Does a Wedding Ring Represent? « Eric W.

Guilt and Regret in Grief, « Grief Healing Blog

Beautiful! Darcie Sims: Thanks For the Little While, « The Grief Toolbox via YouTube

Create and share a free online memorial, « Qeepr

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Pets Make Us Happier and Healthier, « Happify Daily

Five and a Half Ways to Help a Friend Who Is Grieving, « Peggy Haymes

Brilliant: Grief: Still Trying To Figure It Out After Almost Five Years, « Stop Thief: Don't Steal My Grief

Grief In The Second Year: Finding Your Way, « Grief Healing Blog

In Grief: When Tears Won’t Come, « Grief Healing Blog

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