Sunday, June 23, 2013

Understanding and Managing Grief, June 16 - June 22, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Heartrending: Tony Soprano Died, and You Did Too,  « Widow's Voice

Touching tribute: The Colbert Report: Remembering Lorna Colbert, « Hulu

Moving: They Loved Him Because He Was There,  « Maria Shriver

On taking a break from news trauma: Closing My Screen Door,  « Maria Shriver

Wow. What It Feels Like To Be Photographed In A Moment Of Grief,  « NPR

Powerful video: When death is the enemy, what is victory? « TEDMED

Touching and beautiful: Approaching Death ~ a hospice nurse's personal essay,  « Slate Magazine

Beautiful post on loss of infant twins: Carved Different Now, « Bergen & Associates

Clinicians have a role in bereavement, palliative expert says, «

International Widows Day: June 23, 2013, « What's Your Grief?

Sometimes You Simply Have to Encourage Yourself During Grief, « Stunned By Grief

"Baby Mine" by Bette Midler: A beautiful funeral song about grieving for the loss of a child, « Seven Ponds Blog

Agreed! Big Company, Small Gesture, Huge Kudos « Single Dad Laughing

Grief and Abuse: When abuse is in the mix, « Grief Heals

Running Effective Support Groups Webinar (archived and available until June 2014), « HFA

Father Loss: Losing Her Constant, « SevenPonds Blog

Voices: Learning To Be Happy Again, « Grief Healing Blog

On Father's Day Grief: TED talk by @bigstatebiglife resources from @GriefHealing and more! « What's Your Grief?
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