Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Articles on Caring for Wounded Soldiers

The Armed Forces Services Corporation is asking for help in gathering information for their Wounded Warrier Caregiver Project. In response to their request for information on compassion fatigue for the soldier's caregiver, Executive Director of Gift from Within Joyce Boaz put together two articles she thought would be useful for loved ones caring for their wounded soldiers. They are written by Gift from Within Board Member Dr. Angie Panos, who asks that her articles be shared with all of us:

Preventing Compassion Fatigue: What Veteran Spouse/Partner Caregivers Need To Know

Keeping Your Relationship Healthy When Your Veteran Spouse/Partner Is Injured

Additional Articles On Compassion Fatigue:

Charles Figley, Ph.D., The Art and Science of Caring for Others without Forgetting Self-Care

Janice Harris Lord, ACSW How to Provide Spiritually Sensitive Trauma Care

Angie Panos, Ph.D., Supporting Our Soldiers-PTSD Info For Chaplains

Angie Panos, Ph.D., Understanding and Preventing Compassion Fatigue - A Handout - For Professionals

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