Understanding and Managing Grief, November 17 - November 23, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Friday Favorites: November 22, 2013, http://j.mp/1bcjxVF « What's Your Grief?

What Jackie Knew: Children Grieve, http://j.mp/1bID4b7 « National Alliance for Grieving Children

Research: 'Widowhood Effect' Strongest During First Three Months, http://j.mp/I3Jf2c « Medscape Nurses

Awakening: Lessons Learned from Grief and Moving On, http://j.mp/1jpzIOH « The Watering Hole

What Grieving Teens Worry About and How You Can Help, http://j.mp/1h2J71L « National Alliance for Grieving Children

An undertaker and a pastor explain Why Funerals Matter, http://j.mp/1apBbmN « YouTube

Children of the Fallen: Our Youngest Heroes, http://j.mp/18kNGzH « National Alliance for Grieving Children

"Time of Death" Reminds the Mainstream that Children Grieve, too, http://j.mp/1cDTIum « National Alliance for Grieving Children

When Death Brings Out the Worst: family fighting after a death, http://j.mp/HZEreg « What's Your Grief?

Permission to Mourn This Holiday Season, http://j.mp/VTKvcN « Grief Healing Blog

Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2013, http://j.mp/1jge9Qt « Grief Healing Blog

What Is Complicated Grief? http://j.mp/hYoB03 « Grief Healing Blog

You’d Think I’d Be Better [by now], http://j.mp/1hPzpBd « The Widdahood.com

Why are we still whispering about mental illness and suicide? Stigma, http://j.mp/1f3mrOe « Widow's Voice
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