Tuesday, September 27, 2011

After Death Communication, Continued

[Reviewed and updated on July 12, 2022.]

In earlier posts (After Death Communication and After Death Communication: A List of Resources)  I’ve shared my own special interest in this topic because, in my role as a grief counselor, I support grief-stricken individuals in their efforts to maintain loving connections with their deceased loved ones ~ including such post-death encounters as After Death Communications (ADCs).

I am drawn to and continually amazed by ADC stories, as the bereaved discover and describe the many ways their deceased loved ones still manage to communicate with them, sending messages of comfort and hope from beyond.

In addition to the resources listed in my earlier posts, I want to recommend two more books I’ve just finished reading. Both authors beautifully acknowledge the power of love in navigating their way through grief to hope, and describe in detail how they cultivated their ability to recognize the ongoing presence of their departed loved ones.  Their stories are personal, convincing, uplifting and life-affirming.
Click on the book titles to read Amazon’s description and reviews:

The Reason: Help and Hope for Those Who Grieve, ©2011 by Sally Grablick: “. . . a gripping, true-to-life account of a Midwestern mother who, after the suicide of her 19 year old son, managed to find her way out of the black hole of grief and formulate a plan for recovery . . . The ability to recognize signs and receive messages - both spoken and silent - are gracefully woven together, forming the bigger picture that can bring closure and peace.”

The Last Rose: A True Celebration of Eternal Life, ©2007 by Thomas E. Pierce: “Pierce's personal account of the accident that claimed the lives of his wife and daughter, as well as their impact on the world, is told in a riveting story . . . It brings to light that our loved ones, even though they are no longer with us here on earth, are still with us every day and giving us signs that they are here.”

After Death Communication seems to be an increasingly popular topic, as evidenced by the appearance of the following articles:

Do loved ones bid farewell from beyond the grave?
Published on September 23, 2011 by John Blake via CNN
“ . . . Although such encounters are chilling, they can also be comforting, witnesses and paranormal investigators say. These encounters suggest the bond that exists between loved ones is not erased by death . . .”

Creating Conditions for Connecting on the Other Side
"Grasping after departed loved ones gets us nowhere"
Published on September 25, 2011 by Cheryl Eckl in A Beautiful Grief
“. . . [I]t seems to me that the departed can make contact only where an unsuspecting, but receptive, channel is open . . . an anxious desperation for communication appears to create static that blocks the flow. Our love, respect, and the vulnerability of deep grief are more apt to open a line where love and presence from the Other Side can get through to us. I'm sure there are many other factors that determine if we hear directly from our departed loved ones. But I think the stories of those who do can give us comfort that those who cross over are "okay" and that—at least for a while—they remain close to us as both we and they adjust to the new normal that constitutes life after death . . .”

Can I Believe My Mother Is In Heaven?
Published on September 26, 2011 by Lauren Muscarella on Open to Hope
“. . . Turning the corner on six years of motherlessness, I strolled through the beaded door of a Hyannis psychic on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Once inside the inconspicuous storefront, I was greeted warmly by my gorgeous psychic du jour, Erica. Immediately I felt I was in the right place . . .  The path of grieving and healing is unique for everyone. Our perception of comfort is dependent upon our individual keyholes through which we see the world. Therefore, when we seek purely conventional methods to heal our grief and loss, we become closed off to the endless possibilities within the universe. Our hearts and heads may lead us astray but when we rely on our intuition it steers us on the right path . . .”

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  1. My book soothes grief with evidence of life and love everafter!
    US BOOK NEWS Finalist.

    1. Thank you so much, Sheryl, for telling us about your book! ("Walking on Sunshine: NRG-A, A Divine Transformation" is available on Sheryl's website, here: http://walkingonsunshine.org/ ~
      Amazon's description and reviews are here: http://j.mp/KcgSvc )


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