Sunday, July 2, 2023

Understanding and Managing Grief, June 25 - July 1, 2023

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

"Am I mentally ill? I've been told I am manic, a spoiled rotten brat and have dependent personality disorder." In Grief: Emotional Immaturity, or PTSD? « Grief Healing

Clinical experience, empirical evidence, and common sense all point to the oft-noted truism in serious illness and loss that was summarized in my friend Jim Kok’s book, now in its third edition, 90% of Helping is Just Showing Up"Being There" is Invaluable: The Role of Presence After Loss « Grief Perspectives

It's easy to write off the death of a person's pet as less significant than that of a human loved one. But mental health experts say these losses can be difficult to deal with. Here's why. Why pet grief is real — and can be just as painful as any human loss « yahoo!life

For ambiguous grievers, when misdirected, hope can be as dangerous as it is good. Identifying how hope presents — internally, externally and as cycling — can inform how people are healing. Extended external efforts to restore a relationship risk the development of prolonged grief disorder. Hope: Virtue or Villain for Ambiguous Grief? « Psychology Today

Much about growing older involves loss: of physical strength, mental acuity, and social relevance. Learning to view death as a prelude to something larger is a skill we can begin while still alive. As we learn to drop away the extraneous, the essential can shine through more clearly. The Grief of Growing Older « Psychology Today

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