Sunday, August 20, 2023

Understanding and Managing Grief, August 13 - August 19, 2023

Best selections from Grief Healing's X stream this week:

Suffering the sudden death of a loved person leaves some survivors stuck in grief. Can they win their lives back – and how? When Grief Doesn't End « Aeon

Nobody chooses to hang on to grief; grief is in charge. Grief can feel like an ongoing connection with the loved one. The goal is to someday remember with more love than pain. Grief Is a Long, Tedious Slog « Psychology Today

All four of these men are bringing increased attention to widowers and the many issues we face after losing our wives. What do Gervais, Backman, Hanks, and Gerry Turner have in common? « National Widowers Organization

Grieving is a personal experience. It is not appropriate to criticize a person’s expression of their grief. Rather than criticize, learn how to help someone grieving. Navigating Grief Together « Vents Magzine

"I' m trying to deal with accepting the death of my father 6 months ago. I'm having panic attacks and I'm scared that they may start to develop into other fears." Coping with Anxiety and Panic Attacks in Grief « Grief Healing

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