Sunday, August 13, 2023

Understanding and Managing Grief, August 6 - August 12, 2023

Best selections from Grief Healing's X stream this week:

Highlighting the dissonance between clinical diagnosis and the human experience of grief, new research sheds light on the controversial inclusion of Prolonged Grief Disorder in DSM-5-TR. Is Grief a Disorder? New Research Challenges the Psychiatrization of Mourning « Mad In America

I found that when you’re one of the first people in your circle to suffer a huge loss, you end up carrying the weight of grief all by yourself. I knew only a few people around my age who had a similar experience. I Was 23 When My Dad Died. This Is What No One Tells You About Losing A Parent In Your 20s. « Huffpost

"I am reading a wonderful little book Healing After Loss by Martha Whitmore Hickman and I have a question for you . . .  I am troubled by one particular reading, which begins with a quotation by May Sarton suggesting that when we find someone with whom we have shared grief we are filled with love and rejoicing. What am I missing here???" Finding Joy in Grief? « Grief Healing

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