Sunday, June 19, 2022

Understanding and Managing Grief, June 12 - June 18, 2022

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

While it may be a special day for many, Father's Day is a holiday that challenges the endurance of fatherless children, as well as fathers and grandfathers whose children or grandchildren have died. Father's Day: Insights on Coping with Grief « Grief Healing 

For practical suggestions on how to cope with grief and loss on Father’s Day ~ or on how to better understand and support a father in grief ~ I invite you to read one or more of the articles listed here. Coping with Grief on Father's Day: Selected Resources « Grief Healing

The short answer: It is absolutely not too late for a delayed funeral! Ever. If you didn’t get to have the funeral or memorial service you wanted, because of the pandemic or for any other reason, it is always okay to have a belated funeral service. Is It Too Late? Having a Delayed Funeral « What's Your Grief?

Is it possible to lose a loved one and not suffer from guilt, regret, remorse, or all three? Judging by the many, many regrets I hear aired in support groups, few of us manage. The Woulda, Coulda, Shouldas of Grief « Psychology Today 

Losing a loved one can be life-changing and, for some, debilitating. Could a diagnosis help, or are we medicalising a natural human emotion? ‘It’s like the loss happened yesterday’: how long is too long to mourn? « The Guardian

A new article critiques a movement in psychiatry to understand complicated grief as an addiction and treat it with naltrexone. Treating Grief with Addiction Drug Jeopardizes Social Connections « Mad in America

"Recently my husband and I bought a beautiful, 3-mo. old Shepherd/Rottweiler puppyFrom the first night it became apparent that we had made a mistake. We were not ready for the demands of a new puppy." Pet Loss: Guilt Follows Adoption Mistake « Grief Healing 

"I can tell you in no uncertain terms, that I’m not disordered, and I most certainly am not addicted to grieving. And what’s more I’m even more certain that I don’t need or want a pill to help rid me of my memories of Olly nor to rid me of my yearning for, my craving for or my preoccupation with my beautiful son Olly, who died tragically and horrifically just 12 months ago at the tender age of 24." Grief is Never a Disorder « Mad in the UK 

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