Sunday, May 2, 2021

Understanding and Managing Grief, April 25 - May 1, 2021

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Although nothing can replace the love and support of friends or family, sometimes you need to grieve on your own. Here, we take a look at five grief apps that may help you understand death and the emotions you’re experiencing when adapting to life after the loss of a loved one. Five Apps That Can Be Helpful While Grieving « TAP into Westfield

Why does this kind of autobiographical writing seem to help bereaved people? The Power of Writing « GriefPerspectives 

Mindfulness is one powerful way to relearn how to grieve. Not only is mindfulness a tool for living with loss, but it also has a lot in common with grief. What It Means To Grieve Mindfully, According To A Death Doula « MindBodyGreen

Since becoming a griever, I’ve come to realize grief is largely misunderstood. That’s beginning to change, but some misconceptions persist. 6 Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Grief « Scary Mommy

Grief and guilt often walk hand in hand. It’s normal to feel like you could have done and said more before your treasured person died. It’s important to be intentional about handling our guilt in a way that allows us to walk through grief in a healthy way, and even feel happy. 4 Tips to Deal with ‘Happiness Guilt’« Hospice of the Red River Valley 

Louise Plummer talks about her stroke connected to the loss of her husband.  AKA: Strokes suck. The Impact of Grief on Health 

By monitoring and censoring how survivors are “allowed” to express their grief into what others feel is “acceptable” is abusive. Why can’t they be angry? Why can’t they feel their loved one was selfish? Why can’t they feel abandoned or betrayed? We Must Allow Survivors to Express Feelings Without Being Offended « The Gift of Second 

Experts recommend a former spouse grieving the loss of their divorced partner should be open and communicate their feelings to extended family. How to Process the Death of an Ex-Spouse or Partner « AARP

'Being denied the basic ritual that our culture has put in place is inhumane. It doesn’t allow people to get over it...,' says grieving daughter who was unable to give her mother the funeral she requested.  ‘Grief purgatory’: How the pandemic stole our goodbyes, and ability to move on « New Market Today

The events would have been horrible under any circumstances. But I found that the forced isolation of the pandemic made grieving a lost family member even more challenging than I could have possibly imagined. The isolation of grief in the pandemic « The Verge 

When my husband of forty years died in 2012, I searched for whatever I could find that might help me with my grief. Voices of Experience: Coloring As A Healing Tool in Grief « Grief Healing 

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