Monday, November 23, 2020

Coping with The Holidays ~ Suggested Resources 2020

[Updated December 31, 2020]

If you are anticipating or coping with the loss of someone dearly loved, you may find yourself dreading the onset of the holidays this year and wondering how you'll ever make it through the days and weeks ahead. 

Please know that support is available, and you need not travel this journey all alone! 

As I've done in years past, I will be searching throughout the season for helpful articles and current, reliable resources that I can recommend and share with my readers.

Below are links to those resources I’ve gathered so far this year, which I hope you will find informative and useful. Over the next several weeks I’ll be building upon this list each day, so I encourage you to check back often to see what’s been added.

Remember, too, that at this time of year, many hospices offer special community-based grief programs to guide participants in navigating the holidays while still honoring their loved ones. Contact your local hospice's bereavement services department to learn what may be available in your community.

As always, if you've found something especially helpful that isn't listed here, please feel free to add it in the Comments section below.

5 Ways I Learned to Deal with Grief During The Holidays by Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

7 Tips for Managing Grief Over the Holidays During COVID -19 by Cathy Cassata

12 Days of Holiday Remembrance by Chelsea Hanson

Alone Together: 14 Ideas for a Virtual Holiday « What's Your Grief?

A Reminder to Anyone Grieving This Christmas by Jessica Davis

Cancelling Holiday Plans with Older Family Members by Cara Olexa

Celebrating Holidays When Your Loved One Is Ill by Heather Larson

Coping Through Christmas by Sherrie Ann Cassel

Coping with Grief During The Holidays by Michael Quintero

Coping with Holiday Grief During A Pandemic by Bianca Castro

Coping with Loneliness, Grief During A Holiday Pandemic by Chrissy Suttles 

Coronavirus Grief: How to Cope During Holiday Season by Kristin Rogers

Days of Coping (with Grief During The Holidays) « AMF Blog 

Dealing with Grief During The Holidays « Interview with Widower/Author Andy Willoughby

Grief During The Holidays by Marisa Renee Lee  

Grief Trick or Grief Treat by Joan Hitchens

Grieving And The Holidays « AfterTalk 

Handling Grief This Holiday Season by Alexa Maslowski

Holiday Toolkit: Supporting Grieving Children During The Season of Family « National Alliance of Grieving Children 

How to Respond to Someone Grieving During The Holidays « Patch

Is The Pandemic Giving Family Caregivers The Holiday Blues? by Bruce Horovitz

It's Hard to Feel Thankful When You're Grieving by Megan Devine

New Year's Resolutions for Grieving « Hospice of Red River Valley

November 2020 ELetter (Holiday Edition) « Wings Grief Education Ministry

OptionBThere For The Holidays « OptionB

Processing Grief: Tips to Manage Emotions This Season « Home Instead Senior Care

Saturday Morning Message: Making Plans for The Holidays « TAPS

Thankful? For What? by William Hoy

Thanksgiving Grief: You Are What You Eat by Robin Chodak

The Gift of Simply You by Kristin Hendricks

The PERMA Model: Dealing With Grief by Laurie Burrows Grad

'Throw Out the Rulebook' To Get Through Pandemic Holidays, A Therapist Says « NPR

On Grief And The Holidays « NPR Interview with Poet Tracy K. Smith 

Understanding Your Grief: Hope for The Holidays « Video featuring Alan Wolfelt

'We're All Grieving Something' by Burton Cole

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