Sunday, February 23, 2020

Caregiving, Grief, & Pet Loss, February 16 - February 22, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

If we treated death like birth, we would make death plans in which we imagined how we wanted to feel at the end — even if we rarely know precisely when that will be. And be prepared, even if death were to come to us suddenly. What If We Treated Death Like Birth? « Modern Loss

Nurses make a major contribution in introducing palliative care to patients (and families) who are receiving medical treatment for their disease but have not been referred to palliative care. Making ‘invisible’ nursing work visible: The work of oncology nurses in introducing early palliative care « EAPC Blog

Yes, love of life and fear of death are a part of our personality expression as is our fear of life. In Gone From My Sight I was making a point of how fear plays a part in the length of our labor... How Does "Fear of Life" Affect Dying? « BK Books

Adjusting to parenthood without a mother as a touchstone can be poignant, complex and emotionally challenging. 'Motherless mothers': the hidden grief of becoming a mom without one of your own « The Guardian

I awoke sad, depressed, slow. We’ve had a death in the family. The one who passed on was friendly, patient, good-looking and well behaved. Guest column: Where grief arrives, « Chinook Observer

Where is the line between harm and good here??? ...And how do we push them into getting the professional support services that are better equipped to deal with these issues than we are? In Grief: Supporting the Survivor of Suicide Loss ~ Helpful or Harmful? « Grief Healing

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