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Mother Loss: A List of Suggested Resources

[Reviewed and updated August 12, 2023]

A daughter without her mother is a woman broken. It is a loss that turns to arthritis and settles deep into her bones. ~ Kristin Hannah

A colleague writes: I am looking to facilitate a support group for women whose mothers have died. I have a list of books and movies related to this subject, but it seems a little outdated. I was wondering if you had something a little more up-to-date or if you could give me a few books to pass along to the women who are attending the group.

My response: Here is the list of Mother Loss Resources I've compiled for your group ~ and I hope it helps:

Always Too Soon - Book and Website by Allison Gilbert

Becoming Myself: Living Life to the Fullest after Losing Your Parents - Book by Shari Butler, PhD

Garden of Grief: Cultivating New Life After Loss - Book by Lori Koidahl

Goodbye, Mama - Book by Susan A. Lewis

Grieving a Parent's Death: A Different Goodbye for Millennials - Article by Sammy Caiola

Grieving the Death of a Mother - Book by Harold Ivan Smith

Helping Yourself Heal When a Parent Dies - Article by Alan Wolfelt, PhD

How I've Personally Experienced The Grieving Process - Article by Yasmin Teixeira

How Millenials Mourn - Article by Emily Kaiser

How to Honor A Deceased Parent At A Wedding - Article by Laura B. Hayden

In Grief: What's Age Got To Do With It? - Article by Marty Tousley

In the Letting Go: Words to Heal the Heart On the Death of a Mother - Book by Jonathon Lazear

Lessons on Loss: What Two Sisters Have Learned From Losing Their Mother to Cancer...So Far - Article by Alexandra Detwiler and Andi Foster

Losing a Parent: Passage to a New Way of Living - Book and Website by Alexandra Kennedy

Mom's Memory Was My 'Something Blue' - Article by Marisa Renee Lee

Motherless Daughters - Website by Hope Edelman

Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss - Book by Hope Edelman

Mother Loss Workbook: Healing Exercises for Daughters - Workbook by Diane Hambrook

Never the Same: Coming to Terms with the Death of a Parent - Book by Donna Schuurman

On Millennial Grief: 'I didn't want to be brave. I just wanted my mum back.' - by Rachel Wilson

One Woman's Journey: Recovering from Grief - Book by Ruth Foreman

Parent Loss: Continuing Their Song - Article by Marty Tousley

Something From Nothing: Getting Through My Grief - Article by Karen Wyatt, MD

Taking Time to Mourn a Mother's Death - Article by Marty Tousley

The Death of A Parent, Mother or Father, Affects Even Grown Children - Article by Joshua Krisch

The Dinner Party - For Young People Who've Experienced Significant Loss

The Long Goodbye: A Memoir - Book by Meghan O'Rourke

The Loss That Is Forever: The Lifelong Impact of the Early Death of a Mother or Father - Book by Maxine Harris

The Motherless Mother I've Become - Article by Molly Finn

The Orphaned Adult: Understanding and Coping with Grief and Change after the Death of Our Parents - Book by Alexander Levy

Welcome to The Freak Show: Becoming An Orphan in My 20s - Essay by Kelli Auerbach

What Losing Your Mother Feels Like - Rachael Oakes-Ash

What to Do With Mother's Stuff? - New Old Age Article by Sara Davidson

When All That's Left of Me Is Love - Book by Linda Campanella

When I Lay Her Down to Sleep: Love Letters to a Dying Mother - Book by Ann Wright-Edwards

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