Thursday, August 5, 2010

Palliative Care Grand Rounds 2.8 Is A Must Read

The latest issue of Palliative Care Grand Rounds is up, hosted by LeighSW and posted on her wonderful blog, Confessions of a Young (Looking) Social Worker.  The selections are outstanding; I've worked my way through only a third of the recommended links to be found there, and am astounded at their quality. 

As LeighSW explains at the foot of her post,

As I've compiled the posts for PCGR this month, it seems an unintentional theme has emerged. We need more conversation. More conversation about treatment options and when it's time to consider palliative care and hospice. More conversation about our wishes during treatment and at the end of life. More conversation about how loss affects us. I can only hope that PCGR enables us all to take time for these conversations, which inevitably will help us do our jobs better.

We'd all be wise to set aside the time to read (and comment on) these amazing posts.  May we also accept the invitation to have more conversations about these important matters.  

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