Sunday, February 25, 2024

Understanding and Managing Grief, February 18 - February 24, 2024

Best selections from Grief Healing's X feed this week:

Whether it’s the diagnosis of an advanced cancer or a non-malignant condition such as dementia, heart failure or Parkinson’s disease, the psychological and emotional process of grief can begin many months or even years before the person dies. This experience of mourning a future loss is known as anticipatory grief. Not all mourning happens after bereavement – for some, grief can start years before the death of a loved one « The Conversation

For those of us already struggling with grief, catastrophic events such as mass shootings and natural disasters unfortunately can give rise to feeling guilty for feeling bad, as if we don’t have a legitimate right to mourn our own individual losses. Making Comparisons in Grief « Grief Healing

I remember her voice when I asked her how he died—somber, collected, heavy. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was, to offer my condolences to her parents, but I could not keep myself together. My heart cracked for her as I processed that she was calling me, and all of his friends, to tell us that M. died by suicide the night before. Questions without answers: Grieving my friend lost to suicide « The Georgetown Voice 

Learn how to bust through several common myths about hospice care that persist in our society. Debunking Myths about Hospice Care « BKBooks 

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